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In Camden N.J. today, the decision to fire some police officers over budget concerns is believed to be the correct move by local officials. Firing a librarian or secretary or two could have saved just as much money without allowing the citizens to be placed in danger. But that is the intent of the Camden N.J. officials; to place the citizenry of Camden N.J. in jeopardy so when they raise taxes the people will not fight about it.

Did the local administration take a pay cut, no. CNN reported today that nearly half of the city’s police officers were releases along with almost one third of the fire departments. This is a maneuver that has been used by many local governments to persuade the citizens to shut up and do what they are told. Did they cut back on the tax assessor’s office, not to my knowledge they did not. Did they reduce the road crews and janitors; I have not found one instance were any “nonessential” personnel had even taken a pay cut, but that is not to say they did or didn’t.

The only cuts were the very ones the government are actually organized to supply; all of the other wasteful spending keeps going. The duty of our government is to collect taxes, provide for our defense and guarantee our US and state constitutional rights. But what they do instead is endanger the people, release prisoners, close prisons, fire police officers and fire department personnel. Do they cut out the private coffee machine in the administrative offices? Do they cut the Mayor’s pay? Do they reduce the two hundred thousand dollars a year pay to the education administrator?

Nope, all they cut are the very duties for which are the main purposes of government; all in an effort to force the citizenry to shut the hell up and fork out more money. It is not any simpler than that, but most people do not look at it that way. Most of the citizens believe it is better to have the library open than to have police; they believe that bridge next to some important campaign contributor is more important than some poor soul’s home burning down.

Look at what our governments have become, tax and spend-a-holics, special funds for special people. I will say this one more time and this time I hope others hear, until we fire every single person in the state capitals and in Washington DC, nothing will ever get better; we will just stay on this course until the US Dollar becomes worthless. When the US Dollar is no longer the international exchange currency, you will wish for the days when gasoline was only $5 a gallon.



Those Evil Rich

I was unemployed and about to lose everything I own, so I went out in search of a job. The first place I went was where the wine drinkers go and asked everyone I could find if they had a job opening; everyone looked at me as if I were crazy. They said they were looking for a job and they had no job for themselves so why am I asking them.

I then went to the homeless shelters and asked everyone if they had a job opening; each one said they had no job and why am I bothering them. So I decided to go to the poorest side of town to see if I could find a job. Everyone I spoke with told me the same things; they were in need of a job too.

I was about at my wits end; how could I find a job when everyone I spoke with was in need of a job. As I was sitting in the park near a small café, I noticed many people who were laughing and having fun, so I went over and asked them if they had a job. Every one of them told me they were just getting by and they could not afford to hire anyone, they had no jobs to give. I had nowhere else to go; the only ones left were the evil rich.

I finally broke down and walked into a small printing shop and asked for a job; they told me they had no jobs open and had just hired someone for the last open position. I thought to myself I was getting closer because this is the first person who actually had a job opening recently. As I was walking away, a man in an expensive car drove up and got out. I knew right away, this man is one of those evil rich people I hear about and I immediately went the other way.

I eventually ended up living with the winos down in the poorest side of town. I was sure eventually I would get a job from someone there. One day I went to sleep, but never woke up and died of hyperthermia. I never found a job from a poor man and hated the rich so much I refused to help make them richer.

The moral of this story is, “No one has ever received employment from a poor person”.

If we hate those who perform and get rich, then how can we expect to ever get there ourselves?

When we punish the producers, all we will have left are the non-producers.

Next time you receive a paycheck, thank a rich person for it. That is where all paychecks come from. The term evil rich has been lowered with every election; how long before your job takes flight and moves away? If we make it hard to become rich or stay rich, who will supply the jobs?

What will the United States of America look like in 2050? Will Washington D.C. have gained all the powers that once were the peoples by then? Will guns be outlawed and will we be allowed to eat what we want or will the government dictate to us what we can eat? These questions and many others will be answered in my predictions of the year 2050 AD.

Currently in 2010, the hot topics are guns, energy and an out of control government and her debt. Will these problems find a solution by then or will they still be in the forefront of the public’s eye? Recently the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment applied to the individual for home protection. But in reading the federalist papers, the courts omitted the one major reason the people should be armed, against a tyrannical government. We would not expect the government to let us know that portion of the amendment, since it is directed at them.


I predict that by June 2050, it will be illegal to purchase ammunition unless it is registered with a serial number and limited to ten rounds. This will basically eliminate the citizens from being able to have any real defense against a tyrannical government at all. The laws will be changed and anyone who is found outside their home with a gun will be imprisoned and this and other reasons will leave all the prisons overcrowded.


Our prison system in 2010 is currently overcrowded because of drugs and the violent behavior if the prisoners. In 2050, there will be little tolerances for insulting people, hate crimes will be placed on every court docket for almost every crime imaginable and most of all, free speech will only exist in praise of government and not in opposition of government.

Since the government is teaching our young children what they should know, how they should think and who to inform if a family member is doing something wrong; the term “ Hitler’s youth


It has been well documented that before any tyrannical government can take hold, the people (children) must be trained to believe it is for the best. The American education system falls somewhere between 17th place and 25th place in science, math and reading. What are they teaching seven hours a day, five days a week? Why are our children out-of-control today? Has your child ever come home from school and you mention something and they quote the teacher and that is final? Were they steed fast that you were wrong and the teacher was right? If that has never happened between you and your child, chances are you do not ask enough questions about the daily activities in the government education system. They teach evolution as a proven fact, when it is still just a theory. No evidence has ever been found, just only guesses to a process. Science is a process where something is studied and then duplicated in a lab. Evolution has not even gotten to the finding of any evidence of that, but that is a whole other subject which the limitations here will not allow.

Over a hundred years ago, having sex with multiple partners was considered unsafe and immoral; today it is the norm not to know who your father is. Killing innocent babies in the womb was once thought of as barbaric but today it is just another procedure at the doctor’s office. How did we change our way of thinking about these things? We did not just wake up one day with a new outlook on life and death. No, this happened slowly over decades of targeted training of the children; today the children then are the parents now. We hear the teachers say it is the parent’s fault the children behave like they do and we hear the parents say it is the teachers. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

In 2025, having sex at ten years old will be acceptable and after the sex, the parents will just drop them off at the local abortion clinic and pick them up after work. One hundred years ago, having sex with as many as possible made a person ashamed; but not today and in 2025, it will be encouraged.

The damage is done, the children of yesteryear are the parents of today and they never received the necessary information to be an effective parent. In today’s world, If your child becomes a criminal, the parent did all they could do and it is not their fault. But then exactly whose fault could it be?

The necessary value systems to grow up with honor and respect are almost gone; in 2050 the value system will be anything the individual wishes it to be. This is also known as animalism and is completely contrary to the human race. Placing the human down to nothing but an animal is the main theme of evolution and what the schools are teaching the children to be. If nothing is wrong, everyone is correct and if everything is ok, we have no criminals or limitations to our happiness.

Washington D.C. will have total control over the masses and the states will be nothing more than a department of the federal government. The autonomy the states have now will be gone over greed of money from the federal government. How to control the schools; provide the states with a lot of money and apply strings so Washington can pull them. Soon even the states will fall to the power of an out of control federal government and once that happens, the people will have no powers.

The Constitution was written with the belief the people had the powers and lend them to Washington to use as the people saw fit. Today it is just the opposite and with the elimination of God in our public lives, so go the “God given Rights given to us by our creator”. Eliminate God and the rights provided us by our creator now belongs to Washington and not us.

So as you can see, if we are not under a totalitarian regime by 2050, we cannot be far from it. It has been shown time and time again in any history book written before 1950 that a nation that gives a little, takes a lot. After 1950, the history books omit or have changed the outcomes to benefit the utopia they desire. Compare school books from 1940 and earlier to those of the 1960’s to today. They are not talking about the same history.

Who Really Pay Taxes

In a continuing effort to inform those who know little about how our government works, or lack thereof, we take a look at who actually pays taxes in America. Has it ever crossed your mind why people want the rich to pay even more of their income rather than an equal portion or percentage? The information I provide here might illustrate the cause of this class warfare we see today.

In 2007, 32.6% of tax filers paid no federal income taxes (4,661,800 tax filers) and a large percentage of those who did not pay federal income tax actually received additional income above and beyond their withholdings (Welfare). That equates to a large number of voters who pay no income tax. Is it any wonder why they want others to pay even more? Since they have no skin in the game, they could not care less if taxes go up because it will not affect them.

Our politicians in Washington are spending more, removing more off the tax rolls and putting a greater burden on the individuals who are the engine of our economy. The objective is to remove the engine and replace it with a hamster; the hamster being the federal government. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand if you punish someone for an action; the result will be less of that action. So by punishing those who drive the economy, the economy slows down and the federal government moves in and takes control. This is a trademark of socialism and communism; Europe is at the end of their socialist run and discovering that socialism can only exist until those who pay stop paying.

I know most people do not believe America can become a socialist nation, but let me inform you that almost every country has either passed through socialism or dictatorship. No country is immune to the takeover of a large centralized government. The more people who are removed from the tax rolls, the more our politicians use that to purchase votes. Notice in this last election and every election since the individual income tax became law; our politicians use the tax code to create class warfare between the poor who do not pay taxes and the rich who pay most of the taxes. Meanwhile, the middle class is squeezed like an orange in a juicer.

The bottom half of the middle class is being pushed down to the poor level, while the upper middle class is being reclassified as rich. The inevitable outcome is to have only two classes, rich and the poor without anyone in the middle. As kings throughout history have done, they honor the rich while pandering to the poor until the poor is not needed and the result is always more poverty. The standard of living for our children will not be anywhere near what it was for our fathers. We have peaked out our standard of living and now we must pay the price. That price will be the steady downward trend to a third world nation.

The government is now centralized which is something our founding fathers never intended, this is why the constitution was written the way it was. Our constitution designed our government to be the following:

The Citizens

The States

The Federal Government (Limited Role)

Today our government is completely reversed. We now have a government structure with the Federal Government on the top:

The Federal Government (Unlimited Role)

The States (Limited Role)

The People (Limited Role)

This is a result of our tax code; we have been purchased for the promise of being allowed to keep a little more of the Federal Government’s money. We have all seen the emails of the new tax forms, where it asks two questions; “how much did you make this year” and “send it in”. Too many Americans believe this is a joke but in reality in just a few years even 100% of the top 50% will not pay the bills. Since only 67.4% of tax filers pay federal income tax now, we can see how that can happen.

Charlie Rangel recently spoke at his hearing and said that he deserves special treatment since he has been in congress for 40 years. Why and how can anyone be in congress for 40 years? There can only be one answer, the assembly of power. Today our elections are not about who can do the best job but about who can obtain the most money. Who can advertise the most, get in front of the camera and stretch the truth until it breaks. He was on the Ways and Means committees which write the tax codes; need I go further?

Our problems stem from one place, Washington. They use the tax codes to stay in office while the country goes downhill. It is not in our interests to keep anyone in office for more than two terms and to ignore this common sense rule is to doom this country to the level of Greece. We have all seen the commercial were George Washington is driving the car into battle and the end when it says America has done two things right, freedoms and cars. Well unless you have been in a hole for 50 years, the government now controls both.


I Sure Did Not Know That

Today I learned something that I did not know before; our politicians and the media believe the outcome of this past election was because I wanted congress to do more and to work together. I sure did not know I wanted the federal government to do more, since I voted to decrease the spending and to shrink our government to its constitutional authority. The last time I checked, what I voted for was for our congress to do less and to stop what they have been doing for over 50 years.

I sure am happy that the media and politicians know what I wanted and straightened me out. According to the media, the majority of Americans want more action from the government and that means our government must spend even more of our money. It is well known that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction; this includes Washington too. For every action Washington takes, it cost money.

Our politicians and the media have declared that a tax cut will cost the government money; this also means that they believe all money belongs to the government and they allow you to have a little more. The term tax cut to Washington is not allowing you to have more of your money, but allowing you to keep more of the government’s money; which is why they declare tax cuts cost the federal government. I am so happy they straightened me out.

This type of manipulation has been a key tool in Washington since the passing of the individual income tax. Since no one actually knows what is in the hearts of others, we are told what to believe. The last time I checked, this past election was a direct result of an out of control government. A government who believes they have the powers to tell you what you must buy, the power to control your medical records and the power to regulate every aspect of your life.

The IRS will have total control over what health insurance policy you can have and to insure you have government approved health insurance; this also includes your medical records. How long will it be before Washington tells us what we can eat, what type of car we drive and how to raise your children? Hold on just one minute, they already do.

The American people have become nothing but sheep to herd and use for the politicians gain. Washington has come to believe we are there only to allow them to tell us what we must do. We are not capable of handling our day to day lives and must have Washington tell us what we must think and do. Since thought is a crime (hate crimes) now, we must conform to Washington or be punished. When are we going to wake up?

Why do we allow this level of control from those who we really do not trust? The answer is simple, the brainwashing we receive every day by the news media, movies and TV shows. How can they control us? We allow them this level of control because of class warfare. The majority of Americans are middle class and since we have the majority of the money we are the ones to manipulate. We are told it is Washington’s duty to protect the poor; but all they do is keep the poor, poor. The politicians and media keep telling us that it is our responsibility to insure the rich pay for the poor.

The poor do not pay taxes and the majority of the middle class do not pay taxes either. Since the tax obligation is small or nonexistent on these people, the amount of taxes one must pay means very little to them. They only care that the rich are forced to pay their fair share. The information in the link I have provided indicates that more and more people are not paying taxes. But who pays the majority of the taxes? It is those who make around $30,000 a year, since there are more making that much than any other amount. But who really pays corporate income taxes? Well it is these same people because all cost of doing business is passed on to the consumer, you.

When Washington speaks about raising taxes on the evil corporations, they are actually telling us that they are raising taxes on us. It is this type of manipulation Washington and the media use to trick you and to get you to agree to a tax hike.

Listen to the media; it is all a play on words. It is very subtle and effective because we hear the words but we do not listen to how they are used. We become accustomed to the language and eventually we begin to believe the language but not the definition of the words. We begin to think a phrase means something it does not. While we do this, we influence others into believing their definition and the American attitude changes.

Everyone knows the media has an agenda, all of them do. Today’s media are there for the parties, the republican and democrat parties control and manipulate how the information is delivered. MSNBC delivers the democrat parties talking points, while Fox News delivers the republican view point. Although it has been shown that Fox News delivers more unbiased news, the pundits of all the news media are completely biased.

All I ask of the American people is to scrutinize every word we hear, new, movies and TV. Bring to your attention the exact meanings being conveyed. Don’t think for one second the language means what you think it does, because more often than not, it does not. The term “Tax Cut” means taking away from the government, instead of allowing those who work for their money to keep a little more. The term “For the Children” inevitably means taking something away from others and giving to someone else. The term “for the people” actually means “for the reelection campaign”.

Until we completely clean out Washington, we will never see substantive change. As long as the aim in Washington is to be reelected, we will never see our budget truly balanced and it is clear our national debt will never be paid. Now the Federal Reserve is going to dump $6 Billion into the economy with the idea it will make things better. I will let you in on something; $6 billion will only cause the value of the U.S. Dollar to plummet. I suggest buying gold and fast because once this happens gold prices will go up drastically. Everything that can be purchased with the dollar will shoot up in price.

The definition of inflation is “Too many dollars chasing too few goods”, the definition of deflation is “The value of the currency drops”. To stave off inflation, the Federal Reserve is attempting to create a balance between inflation and deflation, which is not possible since our economy is based on the economies of other countries. Once the dollar loses value, the demand for the dollar as a base currency will go away and the demand for a world currency will be louder than ever.

The way the politicians and media explain this is the government is attempting to stimulate money supply and to help jumpstart new jobs. How can anyone hire and expand when tomorrow is so uncertain. The cost of doing business is like an iceberg, flowing with the tides. Who would actually increase their debt when they have no clue what tomorrow will bring? The only ones who do that are politicians in Washington, no one else. This is why we need to clean Washington out. We have Senators and congressmen who have never actually held a job outside of government and the majority in the current administration have never actually had a job in the private sector. Is there any wonder we are in this mess?


Wake Up And Smell The Garbage

Well it is Election Day and tonight we find out if we stay the course or if we detour just a bit. Either way this election really means nothing. Since the majority of those running are career politicians or lawyers, the end result will be the same as it has been since the 1960’s. There is only one way to really have effective change, fire them all.

We hear that George Bush caused all of the problems we currently are experiencing but who is really to blame? Remembering that congress controls the laws and the spending, the President cannot really effectively do anything without congress approving it. The President cannot spend one cent without congress creating a law that allows it, every appropriations bill is in fact a law dictating how much and where money will be spent.

The President submits a proposal and congress writes the appropriations bill, more often substantially different than what the President asks for. If it is acceptable to the President, he will sign it into law. It is unfortunate that most people do not understand how our government works. So in reality, the congress is in control of every cent spent, they are the purse strings of this country. Now that we know this, it is time to pass the blame.

Since the economy began its downward slide shortly after 2006, the republican’s part in it is limited but the democrat’s blame is the majority share. Nancy Pelosi won the Speaker of the House in the 2006 election and she maintains control until this election, 2010. Georgia Bush and the republicans in the congress did spend a lot more than previous administrations, but the other administrations did not have 911 either. This is not an excuse but a reality that I just wanted to point out.

Since the 2006 congressional elections, the spending by congress has quadrupled with the democrats in majority control. Now some want to blame President Obama for the increase in spending and to that point it is true. Some people want to blame the republicans for the increase in debt and the economy, but who controlled congress, the democrats with President Obama, then Senator Obama. Some seem to have a short memory when it comes to who spends what.

Both the democrats and republicans are addicted to spending, mainly because of the need to buy votes. The major cause of our economic condition and national debt is simple, career politicians and the need for power. So I hope this election we clean house, literally. As long as we keep politicians in office year after year, we are never going anywhere but down. It is never a good idea to keep someone in that kind of power for more than two terms, the outcome is all around us.

Since we began allowing politicians free reign, we have more welfare and other debt than we can possibly handle. We took the charity away from the local level and put it in Washington; we took the local and state control from the local level and put it in Washington. The controlling powers were never meant to be so far away, they were supposed to be closer to the people. Since it is so far away now, they are detached from the people and reign like Kings and Queens. They are in fact, the ruling class, the elite.

Where are we going to wake up and smell the garbage; maybe when we all are living in the streets because we can no longer get in the door. Then we might do something about it, but I doubt it.


Certain Inalienable Rights

To continue the lessons of the political agenda of Washington, we now visit President Obama’s speech recently. While quoting the Declaration of Independence, President Obama conveniently omitted the part where the people had “certain unalienable rights endowed by our creator”. Now some would say that this is just being picky and making a mountain out of a mole hill. I say far from it; since the federal government began the takeover of our education system and “The separation of Church and State”, which is not even in the constitution, Washington has been attempting to eliminate religion by many means.

Some of you will be happy about that because you either do not like religion or you are afraid of it. Well take this to heart, without our Creator, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness could not exist. The aim is to eliminate the Creator and replace him with government. Most governments such as communism and socialism banish religion so they have no competition. The little slips like omitting that our rights come from something other than government is an intentional one. The key here is to listen to what they say, over and over again in slightly different ways.

Washington uses marketers to determine what key phrases make a difference, you and I are nothing but lab rats to be studied and experimented on, like they did in the past. President Obama once said, “We are no longer just a Christian Nation”; if anyone has ever taken a trip to the capital, everywhere you look are Christian images and writings. Some would like to remove God from the center of our lives, because they do not want anyone looking down on them. By removing God, we would effectively be removing any and all value sets that distinguish good from evil.

We cannot display the Ten Commandments, yet most of our laws are based around them. We cannot display the manger on government property during Christmas. The constitution tells the government they cannot make any law with regards to establishing or depriving religion; but those who want God out of our country will tell you that the constitution has the words “separation of Church and State”, but it does not. The misconception of the Constitution is that it also controls the people, which it does not do that either.

The constitution spells out the structure of the Federal Government, what it can do and what it cannot do and if it does not specifically provide the powers, then it is stated to be left up to the States or the People. The constitution is a contract between the people and the federal government; this contract cannot be changed by Washington unless we allow it to be. But Washington cannot change it alone they must have two thirds of the states to amend, but the States can with a two thirds vote, and congress is not necessary in this amendment process.

So how can Washington make the changes they want? There are several ways, one way is to allow the courts to write laws from the bench and this basically is nothing more than throwing the constitution out the window. Some judges have spoken out about using precedent from other countries and laws from other countries to make decisions here in America, once again throwing the constitution out the door.

Omission of words, the changing of words or their meanings are the common place tactics Washington use today. Like Bill Clinton once said, “it all depends on what the meaning of the word “is”, is”. Remember, most of those in Washington are lawyers and can hide a hotdog recipe in plain site with their double speak. My point here is this, listen to what they say and then look at what they have done in the past. If the two add up, and they say what you like; then by all means vote for them. But like this election, if the politician’s job is in danger and you hear, “I never voted with Pelosi” or “I don’t support Pelosi”, lookout because it was almost a unanimous decision back in 2006. You remember 2006 don’t you? That is when Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae began backing anyone with a pulse and allowing them to get into homes with almost no money at all, you remember 2007, when we had to drive as little as possible because Nancy Pelosi refused to open our public land to drill just to ease the pain at the pump. That same year she stated “she would not let a vote on a bill to hit the floor on opening up drilling”,

To me this is an agenda that only hurt America and led to the disaster we are now facing. One step at a time and the people will not be smart enough to put them together. We were still growing up until the 2006 election, four years later here we are. We do not listen to what they say; they tell us what we should listen to. If a member of party X does something wrong, then it should be ok for the entire party Y to do it too. In 2005 we were just entering a slump, but thanks to Washington in the 2006 election, that slump turned into a sink hole.

Now in 2010, the sink hole has swallowed up our retirements, jobs, the automobile industry, Wall Street, The State governments, the health insurance companies, the health providers and even our personal medical records. Speaking of medical records, if Washington cannot keep military secrets, how in the world are they going to keep our medical records secure? They cannot and will not. A short time down the road, the employers will have access to them, the IRS will have access to them and you will be walking down the street and meet up with an old friend you have not seen in over 10 years and he will say, “So how’s that gout doing or sorry to hear about the breast cancer”.

The government has only one use, to defend the states in time of war. Today it has many duties such as, taking your money and giving it to someone who deserves it more than you, telling you that you are not allowed to pray on the steps of the Supreme Court. Regulating what foods we are allowed to eat, trying to dictate what kind of car we will be allowed to drive, who we must allow in our homes if we advertise a room for rent. You cannot ask for a Christian woman without getting into trouble. The federal Government was never intended to dictate what we can or cannot do, it has very limited powers and to control the people is not one of them, that’s the individual State’s jobs, not Washington.

See how far we have gone? We did not even see the first step and we have moved so far away from what America is about. We do not even know what it means to be Americans any longer. We lost those values three generations ago. Freedom to the American people is the freedom to sit back and let someone else do it for them. That is what freedom means in the XXI Century. Another item that is taking us away from freedom, killing a baby just because the mother wanted to have sex with a stranger and did not use proper protection.

The last generation that raised their children with values and knowledge died over 30 years ago. Today, mama’s use their babies to try and keep the boyfriend, instead of making a relationship with the boyfriend and getting married before having the child. This is just a glimpse of the surface of our problems. I predict population control by the end of 2025. One baby per family and once you have your baby, you will be sterilized. You will not see the steps to that law either, because you were more concerned with WII and Nintendo.


Why Washington Why

In an effort to bring to light some political trickery, I am continuing my lessons on Washington. What most people do not understand is the simple play on words that is also known as Political Speak. President Clinton said just the other day, if we want it we just have to work harder to get it. I will define that statement, “If we want it, we must spend the money”. This is what Washington thinks about the citizens of America; they believe we can be purchased and all they will need to do is spend more money.

Unfortunately, this is true. It is not the message that makes the candidate but rather the amount of money and the exposure the politician receives, that makes or breaks the campaign. Even though it has been shown that most Americans are very unhappy with the direction the current President and Congress are taking the country, they believe all they would need to do is spend even more money, make even more promises and make more laws.

When did it become necessary to have a law regulating every activity of every citizen? When did it become necessary to buy votes? The political machine in Washington has found that by pitting one side against another, they gain job security. They pit the rich against the poor, the old against the young and the entrepreneur against the consumer. They find it necessary to write a new law at least once a month. They pretend to fight but only for show, there are no differences between the parties; they are just two sides to the same coin.

The way Washington looks at the people is very sad; they believe the people must be told what they can do and must defend those who are offended. Just a little insight, nowhere in the constitution does it provide for anyone the right not to be offended. The control of thought (hate crimes) and the control of free speech (hate speech) will be the end of our freedoms. The term “Freedom of religion” is now “Freedom from religion”, the first amendment now is conditional that no one is offended by what you say.

Where did all of this come from? Why Washington DC of course. If the politicians do not have something to fight, they have nothing else to do. If the politicians have no cause, they must create one or amplify one to bring attention to and the importance of Washington politicians. Take health care for instance; the federal government gave incentives to businesses if they provided health insurance. This created the way insurance companies began to operate and the creation of the third party payer system. Now today, they are against that very system they created. Since the creation of the third party payer, Washington pushed for more and more health care coverage. The states governments initiated an even broader plan and the federal government created and ever widening plan.

Now today, the purchaser of healthcare is not the patient but totally the insurance company’s responsibility. The deals with doctors and hospitals have excluded the patient from paying. If the patient does not have insurance, they do not receive the care of those who do. Now Washington has decided that we need to abolish the insurance companies altogether and allow the federal government to control our health care, handle our medical records and determine what care we receive. All we would need to do is eliminate health insurance and only allow major medical. This was the only type of insurance you could buy years ago. Washington changed that only to want to change it again.

This time, they want to control it all and while at it, control you. They want to make it illegal to insult people, they want to put you in prison for additional years for what you think and say. Do we see a pattern here? They took over the education system just a few decades ago and claimed they were just going to make it equal. Today it is so equal, everyone fails. We are now somewhere around 25th in the world and spend more tax dollars than any other nation but come up almost last.

If we allow Washington to touch it, we must be touched. Are we crazy or just lazy? Are we really insane or have we lost the ability to reason? Vladimir Linen, you know the Russian Dictator, once said that control over the children was necessary if the state were to maintain control over the people. He was correct, make the children dumb and the next generation will allow the government to do anything, even take total control.

Some of you are jumping up and down about to pull your hair out over what I am writing but keep in mind that if you are, the government has succeeded.

Class Warfare Washington Style

To continue the education of the citizenry of America, we now explore just who is at fault in regards to our national debt. Most individuals mistakenly blame the President for financial problems and spending but this is not accurate at all. No amount of pressure a President can put on the House of Representatives can force them to spend on dime more than they are willing to spend; this is the beauty of the separation of powers our constitution provided for. All appropriations must originate in the House and then go to the Senate. Once passed by the Senate the bill will head to the President where he then signs it or he sends it back for modification. So for the politicians who claim George Bush ran our financial house into the ground, is in fact partially false. All we must do is see who was in control of the Congress to point most of the blame.

It was in fact, the Congress who approved spending, the congress is the purse of America and not one cent can be spent without their approval. The process is straight forward; the President sends his budget proposal to the House to create the budget. The President only submits suggestions as to how much and where the money will be spent. The representatives in the House then create the budget and bring it to the floor for a vote; the Speaker of the House rarely brings a piece of legislation to the floor for a vote unless he/she already knows the outcome.

After the budget passes the House, it is sent to the Senate and if passed goes to the President for him to sign. The budget bill might be passed back and forth several times between the three bodies before it is approved. My point is, we must understand how our government works to understand the lies our politicians are telling us. Yes I said lies.

If Washington wanted a balanced budget, there would be one.

If Washington wanted lower taxes, they would be.

If Washington wanted what they claim to want, it would happen.

This is not difficult to see the claims of the politicians as nothing more than deception. Without the fight for “Our Good”, they would have little, if anything to stand on when re-election time comes by. Washington has created a battle of classes where those who have little are being told it is because of those who have much. In an effort to show their worth, the politicians have created a false war between us. The divide and conquer tactics usually always win if you can create a dependant class to fight against the independent class.

If everyone were independent, then 90% of what goes on in Washington would have no meaning. Congress was and still is a part-time job; to spend millions and millions of dollars for a job that pays $163,500 a year would seem ignorant, but it is not the job they are after but rather the power. It is the power to manipulate our thoughts, the power to pit one against another in an effort to insure job security.

The democrats say the republicans are the party of “no”; while the republicans say the democrats are the party of “big spending”. I claim there are no differences between these two parties except which side of the imaginary Washington created wall they stand. Create a crisis to separate the people and the opposing class will help destroy the other. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, until the enemy is gone; then it is too late. Washington has taken our education system over and the end result is, we are now 25th in the world. We spend more money per capita than any other nation in the world and the results are staggering. We cannot fire a teacher, the children are now parents who do not understand parental responsibility and politicians are now in control of our children.

I am currently 46 years old and in the next two decades, the exponential downhill slide will be profound and irreversible. I truly expect America to be near #30 or below in education by the year 2020. The claims of our politicians in Washington are to enhance our education system to improve it and put America back at the top. Let’s look at the track record for one second; our national spending is out of control, yet Washington politicians declare it is not their fault, it is everyone else. The liberties and freedoms to pray or to prosper are attacked at every turn, yet it is always the other politicians fault.

This is exactly what we will see in our education system in the year 2020 and it will be the other parties fault. It is not to the advantage of Washington to have people who can take care of themselves; this does not provide additional powers to Washington and therefore, not advantageous to our politicians. When our education system became politicized, it began a downward trend and the end results are profound on the following generations. The parents of generation one did better than the parents of generation two and they did better than the parents of generation three. The trend is obvious but we chose to ignore it and force ourselves to believe there is nothing we can do; Washington will fix it.

In the year 1900, the term “Washington can fix it” would never have been spoken except in jest. The mere fact that we now actually believe the creators of our problems are the ones to fix them, is also called “insane”. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results. This is exactly what we have become; a nation of mentally challenged, crazy government addicts who either cannot or refuse to use their brain.

I understand I can be a little harsh but look who my audience is. My audience consists of educated, well informed individuals who already know what I am saying is true. My hopes are to get you out of your comfort zone and move you out into the public and make a difference. Educate those who are ignorant about the way our government works; make the stand to better others lives while at the same time, restoring liberty and freedoms to the people.

If you do not do it, who will? If you do not take a stand now, our children will be nothing more than tools to be used and discarded. We cannot make a difference for today, but we can make a difference for tomorrow and for our children, before it becomes too late.


Back at the turn of the 20th century, most of the powers of government were at the state level. The states dictated what Washington did, but since the “New Deal” or the invention of welfare and the new tax code, all the powers of the states has moved up to Washington. This is our problem today; we have consolidated almost all powers to just a handful of the few, this is called an oligarchy. The definition of an oligarchy is total control over the many by the few.

Our founding fathers designed a completely different system of government than we have now. The original powers were at the state level or with the people; today it is almost exclusively at the federal level. How could such a thing as this happen in the greatest country in the world? It began when the Supreme Court began interpreting the constitution instead of insuring the laws followed the constitution. I have read the constitution at least one hundred times and it is just a plain document. There is nothing ambiguous about it at all; it is a short document in the English language.

Why are we going downhill so fast? Since the slow progression of the consolidation of powers, no person is alive today who knew what America was truly designed to be. Our founding fathers warned us about the slow encroachment of our liberties, they knew the possibilities existed so they made the warnings over and over again in an effort to insure the generations understood and stood guard to prevent it. Today most of our children do not know anything about our constitution; they are told what it says but most have never even read it.

If a child has a book report due and only watches a movie based on the book, the book report will be inaccurate causing a failing grade. The same can be said about our country; our children are told the federal government is doing what it was designed to do. The results are what we see today. Where in the constitution does it give congress the authority to dictate what we must buy or what we can and cannot say?

The little known fact about the constitution is this; the constitution does not give the federal government authority over the individual, except in cases of treason. But you will not be told this, you will be told it is the government’s job and once again, this will cause a failing grade. The constitution originally did not tax the individual, it provided for the income by taxing the states and tariffs. But since congress passed the (temporary) income tax to help pay for WWII, Washington discovered a new found power. This power gives the politicians the ability to purchase votes by wealth redistribution and class envy.

I urge everyone to read the constitution at least 5 times and then make a decision. The constitution was never meant to be interpreted; this is why it is only just a few pages. The interpretation was to be on the laws to insure they obeyed the constitution. Like Bill Clinton once said, that depends on what the definition of the word “is”, is.

This is the logic of a politician,” nothing is as written and nothing is as it was meant to be, but rather what it can be twisted into, to benefit me”. Always remember that if you ever know the truth, you will always believe a lie.


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