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Those Evil Job Creators

Recently we have seen Tea Party protests, union protests and now we are seeing protests directed at Wall Street. The Tea Party protests are about spending and the overreaching powers of one centralized government; while the unions protest for benefits which are slowly killing our economy. What are the Wall Street protestors actually protesting?

Are they protesting the American Dream, the right to work hard and make what they can or are they protesting the right to receive a portion of someone else’s income. I believe we can sum up these Wall Street protests in one single word, socialism. Yes I know this is a flag word which indicates to the majority of people that this person is a nut. The first obstacle to any plan, especially any attempt to change something as large as an economy is to demonize anyone who opposes it. Let’s look at a little history.

In the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s, the term progressive was used to describe communists and socialists values. Even the idea of socialism in America was so deplorable the government held hearings to dig them out. What did they do; they changed their name. We are all familiar with the term, “Liberal”. Since this term has its roots in “Liberty”, the people accepted it right away.

Although the name changed, the tactics and objectives did not. Over time, the term “Liberal” had a bad taste in the people’s mouth and once again they changed the term. Today, the term is “Progressive” and as it was in the early 1900’s, the change was only in the name.

Throughout America we are experiencing targeted attacks on every aspect of our lives. The Environmentalist’s want to reduce population, reduce private property and the fair use of the property. Today the reduction of fuels, or the total elimination of the very fuels that created the manufacturing industry in this country, is the call we are hearing.

The social welfare state has become addicted and totally dependent on government welfare (Tax Dollars). Even the mere mention of doing the hard things with Social Security and other welfare programs raises a protest from the very same people demanding spending cuts and reduction of government. The call to arms is, “Cut everything that does not directly affect me”.

With this mentality, nothing will or can be done. With the demonization of investment companies and those who use them, America can never change the course. We see the water falls, we see the rapids and we know that once we go over, it is all over. Like a drug addict, we will do anything to keep the government benefits we deserve. This also means allowing an out of control government to dictate every aspect of our lives; like cattle, we happily move towards the slaughter house without a clue.

We all know the old saying, “I have never seen a poor man hire anyone”, why then do we choose to ignore it? If we limit or punish those who we believe make too much money, then who decides how much you should earn? Do we only allow those who work to have money? Do we not allow anyone to make more than $15,000 a year? What about those who do not work? If everyone is forced to make what someone else believes they should, no one would have anything better than the poorest among them. Someone once said, “Socialism always fails once they run out of other people’s money”.

I know that Wall Street misused our tax dollars, but the question we need to ask is; who gave it to them? How did they get that money? Answer this question and you see a socialist value system in action. Over and over again I hear we cannot be socialist because we have private property and independent company owners. There are various forms of Socialism; one the government controls everything under the authority of the people. Another form is when the people are in total control but refuse to use that power. This creates a vacuum that the government always fills. If the people are not spending money, then the government does. Once again this creates a dependence on government. The people lose their power because they do not use it.

The free markets and a capitalist society use the power of the purse to choose who will remain in business and who will fail. If we do not make the customer happy, they take their money to someone else and I go out of business. This is the basics of our economy, but the people have lost the desire because we know the government will do it for us, hence Wall Street.

It is not Wall Street or Washington’s fault for this; it is our fault. We have become so lazy that even the simplest things are done by someone else because we don’t want to do it ourselves. You and I should determine who stays in business and who fails, if they do not make the customer happy then go elsewhere and they go out of business and make room for others to enter the market place.

We are no longer doing our job and now the only companies left after the cleaning are the ones who treat you like a number. The ones we used, even though we did not like the price or service. Those who are left gain from extreme government regulations that eliminate the ability for others to enter the game. The old mom and pop stores did not survive because we did not do our jobs and they passed away as the large corporate stores took it all. We have spoken and it is ok to treat us like servants, every dollar we spend speaks on our behalf.

So why attack Wall Street, to limit them is to limit you. To punish those who produce jobs is pure economic suicide. The only conclusion I can come up with is that those who are protesting Wall Street want what they have; but if those on Wall Street are not allowed to keep it, why should you?


Raising Taxes

The major story today and for the past 20 years is to raise taxes on the RICH or not. First of all we must define the rich, anyone who makes over $250,000. Now since this includes your employer, they will have three choices; choice one will be to reduce expenses which mean reducing employees and ending expansion plans. Option two is to raise the prices of the goods and services they produce, which also mean higher prices and more expenses on you the consumer. Option three is to accept a lower profit margin which will mean a better chance the company you work for, will simply go out of business.

To the ones who actually pay taxes, you know how these taxes adversely affect your spending and lifestyle. To the majority who do not pay taxes at all, you most likely think the rich can afford it. In fact, you who pay little or no taxes at all, which also include me because I do not make a lot of money, we all could pay more taxes. But why pay more taxes? Is it to provide income and benefits for others? This is the definition of socialism. Why should someone else pay for you to have children? Why should someone else pay for you to go to the doctor? Could it be because America today is simply socialist and full of lazy bums?

The objective of the last election was to reduce spending, but this President refuses to produce meaningful spending cuts and he wants more of your money to give to others. I call this the “Robin Hood Effect”. Take from the rich and give to the poor, to buy votes and stay in office. Until we break this cycle, we will keep drowning in debt until we die.

This is why we must let the nation debt go into default, this will end it quickly. Why should we die slowly? Even If we default or not, the end results are the same; America goes broke and our children live like they were in a third world country. Greece and America have a lot in common, the people demand to be taken care of and they refuse to fend for themselves. Why not just let it end quickly, this way the ones who do not care about how well the children live, will experience the affects for themselves while they still can.

Medicare and Medicaid will bankrupt this nation in less than 40 years. I want everyone who has a child to explain to them exactly why they will not have a better life than you did. Tell them about why you need the better life than they do. Explain to them why their children could very well be hungry most of their life. Inform your children you are more important than they are. This will not help, but maybe, just maybe they will understand.

Our education system is producing ignorant graduates who normally could not tell you who the governor of your state is; or who or what a majority whip is. They produce graduates who under most circumstances, have never even read the constitution or know anything about it. They have taken the “Creator” out of the culture which also means the “Endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights” is also gone. If you are not familiar with that term, stop reading now because you will not understand anything I have said.

Please talk to your children and explain to them why they will be forced to pay for your lifestyle. Let them know why America the land of the free will soon be the slaves of government. Since the politicians in Washington believe all money is theirs anyway. Listen to them when they speak of tax breaks as “government spending”.  The money you earn is not yours, it belongs to them and they are just kind enough to let you keep some of it.

It seems the last election was not about reducing government spending but rather raising taxes to increase spending. When I listen to what the people are telling me, they believe the government has grown too large and spend too much. But listen to Washington and that is not what we are saying at all. To the politicians who love their social programs, it seems they might want to seek out the free markets for their hearing tests instead of using government funded healthcare. I know of no one who wants more government except those who live off the tax dollars of others, they themselves do not pay taxes.

From what I remember, the people wanted smaller government, less spending and more working together to make America great again. Since the election I hear the politicians on the left redefining the meaning of the last election. To the left, the election was about more taxes on the rich and working to keep the social programs in place and growing. The right sees things in a different way; they see the last election as a referendum on Washington and their out of control spending. The right has it right this time.

The election was in fact, a demand for Washington to stop spending our children into debt. I think someone might want to tap President Obama on the shoulder and let him know. The agenda on the left is to keep spreading the wealth around while increase taxes on those who hire you and me. Currently the United States has the second highest tax rates in the world, second only to Japan. This means when a company wants to expand, the United States is excluded most of the time; is there any wonder why our jobs are going elsewhere?

I usually stay unhappy with Washington most of the time, but this new blood in Washington seems to actually be listening. The only drawback to this is, the necessary cuts are in the social programs the American people have become dependent (addicted) on. The only way to save these programs is to eliminate some contributors. Might I suggest cutting those who do not pay into the program?

We have two choices on the issue and only two. One is to go broke and become a fully socialist country or put spending in a box and take the hit now instead of our children later. This is the first generation in our history where we are so self-centered; we actually do not care about our children. We kill our babies thousands daily; we turn our children over to the state for all of their education. When they come home, we turn them over to the television or let them roam the streets not knowing where they are or what they are doing.

In the past, we would go without food, cloths, healthcare needs, in an effort to provide a better life for our children than we had. This is no longer the case; we say we love our children but when it comes to the slightest discomfort, we will drop them like a rock. The social programs have provided justification for unwed mothers, destroyed the family and killed the drive to save for our retirement.

We should be ashamed of ourselves for delivering our children to the government to raise. In most cases, the parents have no idea what the children are learning and never ask. We send them into their rooms to do homework, Watch TV, anything just to get them out from under our feet. What this all boils down to is the parents of the children could not care less about their well being. If you believe this is not you; what government programs, the government spends tax money on, are you willing to give up?

Happy 4Th of July

Once again it is July 4th and we sit in our back yards cooking on the grill. Having fun with family and friends is a regular occurrence during this time of year; but do we actually reflect on just what it means?

We celebrate our freedom, but do we fight to keep it? Under most circumstances, no we do not. We are willing to fight for others to gain freedom but what exactly have we lost because we have become passive about what most people on earth can only dream about.

Always remember that freedom is not free, it is leased and once we are not willing to pay the price, we lose it. Most people believe the United States could never lose our freedoms, but every day the freedom of speech, the freedom to live and the freedoms this nation was created around are almost gone. Today, if we even think badly about someone, we are punished for it (Hate Crime). The freedom of religion is now “Freedom FROM Religion” and even the bully is on the verge of being a criminal.

The divisiveness of multiculturalism has set us on a course to destruction, just like most countries in history. We fight wars on others soil for freedom but we are declared racist, hate mongers or other evil things if we stand our ground on our personal beliefs. We want the rich people, who pay most of the taxes anyway, to pay more; while the majority of us pay little or no taxes at all.

Unemployment is running out of control and spending is through the roof, but we complain when the necessary cuts are made which affect us. Washington has taken the last election and changed the meaning. The democrats took it as decrease the deficit (tax more), the republicans took it as reduce spending. Now we stand at the threshold of faulting on our debts for the first time, but this might not be a bad thing. Social Security and Medicare are going to bankrupt this country anyway, so it really does not make a difference.

Until the citizens of the United States become united once again with one goal (Freedom), we will continue to go downhill. Crime is out of control because we are taught in the schools we are nothing but animals; leading to a self centered mentality which will only lead to even more mayhem. We no longer care about others but only ourselves. If someone does something you do not like, they should be punished for hurting your feelings. Until we come together under one banner, we will continue to divide ourselves and make it very easy for some want-to-be dictator or oligarchy to take total control.

If you do not think this will happen, just keep thinking about yourselves and see what happens.


What Happened?


The government According to the United States Constitution

Gov According Constitution


The Government According to the Supreme Court

Gov According Supreme Court

In response to a very long comment aimed at “Why I could not be President” some very good questions were asked. I will do my best to answer them. The very first question was of course, unwed mothers. The facts are we might want to keep our cloths on more and our legs closed more; believe it or not, this will help reduce the chances of becoming a mother who cannot afford their children. If you cannot afford to raise a child on your own, don’t have one.

The comment also addressed elderly healthcare, homeless and mentally challenged individuals. Since Social Security began, the American people have all but stopped saving for their retirement. The ability to purchase major healthcare coverage is all but gone since Medicare/ Medicaid. You could purchase a supplemental insurance plan but if you are over 60, the ability to have all of your insurance needs covered by purchasing insurance is gone. This is a direct result of a socialist program, like all socialist programs, the people become addicted, dependant and accustomed to the program and the free markets fall out of existence.

The comment also addressed taxes, stating that the top two percent pay the lowest taxes. This is not true, since the top 10% of income earners pay 71% of all federal taxes.

In America, we currently are second only to Japan in tax rates. This means that when a company is looking for a place to open shop, they look at us last because of our tax policies. By 2049, the entitlements (socialist programs) will consume all tax revenues. This means we will not have enough to turn the street lights on, garbage pickup and the White House will not be allowed to have electricity. Without taxes to run the country, nothing can run. Your socialist programs will in fact convert the United States into Greece or even worse, Russia.

The comment also stated that an involved government is necessary. This could not be further from the truth. Since allowing failed business to remain in business, we have only prolonged the inevitable outcome. Keeping a sinking ship afloat can only be achieved for a short term before either the pumps stop pumping or the water comes in faster than the pumps can pump. Meaning, these companies will fail again down the line and will cause an even worse outcome than this time. The free markets are supposed to work like this,

“Company A charges too much and does not provide the service you expect, company B charges less and provides a better service. So you leave company A and go to company B. Once company A notices their business is going down, they lower the prices and improve service to stay competitive.” But since America has become socialist in nature, we believe it is the government’s responsibility to regulate them. Just like healthcare, since we are not paying the majority of the bill, a third payer system generates higher prices and poorer service. The free markets work because you and I make it work. We supply the purchasing powers; we demand the level of service. But since we are socialist in nature now, government does it for us and we see the results.

The comment also states that the American people are not fit to fend for themselves, I can agree there. Since the last 4 generations have lived under a semi-socialist government structure, America is no longer the power house it once was. The public school system is ranked below third world countries and the people are totally dependent on someone else providing for them. Americans are not capable of providing for themselves because they believe it is the rich who should do it for them.

I have provided this comment for all to see, exactly what the mentality is of a socialist. I have posted this rebuttal in an effort to illustrate exactly why America cannot survive under its current path.


Why I cannot be President

There are several major reasons I could not become President of the United States. The first reason is I usually do what I say I will do. Although some in Washington actually attempt what they promise, we all know the majority of those in Washington know how to look good while knowing nothing will ever be done. When the republicans promised to repeal the Healthcare bill, they knew with 100% certainty they could not as long as the Senate is controlled by the democrats and neither the House or Senate have enough votes to pass a bill without the President’s signature. The promise the republicans made was just to look good in front of the Tea Party; while all along, they knew they could not fulfill any promise as long as the democrats hold their share of Congress and the President was a democrat.

I could not sleep well at night knowing I intentionally lied to the very people who trusted me. The second reason I could not be President is the money. To be President in today’s world means the person who can collect the most money to purchase the office. We are not voting for the person but for the person who has the best advertising agents and the person who can buy more prime-time television time. We are not electing an official; we are doing what we are told and nothing more.

President Obama had his own commission to inspect the best ways to reduce the deficit. The recommendations of this commission were ignored and instead of working to reduce spending; the President decided to change the meaning of the demand of the people. The people wanted to reduce the size of government, reduce wasteful spending and to get our house in order. Instead of tackling this, he decided to reinterpret the goals of the landslide election of 2010.

Today we hear the people want a balanced budget. This is just one small part of the demands of the people, but the democrats have decided this is all they will do. Since the reduction of the government is ignored and balancing the budget is the focus, the old game of class envy can be used to keep things as they are. Since the cuts are out of the picture, the way President Obama wants to balance the budget is to take from those who have and give to those who do not have (TAX). Same old game and he makes it sound like that was the objective of the people during the last election and we still say nothing.

The third reason I could not be President, I would reduce the size of government. This would not go over too well with the people since it is alright to cut spending, but only on the programs that do not affect them. The people want to keep the gifts of the government while cutting someone else. To have effective change, we would need to cut the social programs for everyone, no exceptions. This would not go over well at all with the people. So the major reason I could not be president is simply this. If the people want to bankrupt the country, I surely do not want to be in power when it happens. Remember this, “Socialism always fails when the government runs out of other people’s money”.

Some might claim we are not a socialist country, but I beg to differ; private property rights are all we have left of our republic. The government controls everything else, because we let them. I might run for congress though, I hear it is a lifetime job in the new United States. Just think of all the power I could amass in 10 years. Maybe that is why nothing ever really changes. If we only flush half of the toilet, the smell never changes.


I am starting a campaign to place $1 billion on the floor of the House and Senate. I have written my representatives and I ask you to write them also and request they place either $1 billion dollars in $100 bills on the House Floor or bill sized paper equivalent to the size of money to illustrate the massiveness of just one billion dollars. Remember, it takes 1300 times more just to equal the debt for this year, which is around $13 Trillion. Write them and demand them to show the American people just how massive only $1 Billion is. The average person cannot comprehend $1 billion so we know they really have no clue exactly where we stand as a nation. Help stop the madness and write your congressman and Senator’s today and demand they place $1 Billion Dollars on the House/Senate floor.


United States Prophesy

Some people believe in prophesy while others believe in nothing at all. I am a firm believer in prophesy and although to my knowledge there are no direct prophesy about the United States, I have a very good idea of the outcome in the near future for us all. If we stay the course, we will become bankrupt, destitute and starve.

The United States has one of the highest standards of living in the world, yet to listen to the media, we are not. In other countries they live in huts, some people have never known electricity or running water but here in America, even the very poor among us have a cell phone. Percentage wise, 99% of United States citizens have some kind of food, clothing, clean water to drink and shelter. But all we hear about are the 1% which makes it look like we have a massive problem.

This drives us to believe we must spend even more tax dollars to help them out. We have citizens addicted to the government trough and are not capable of surviving without government assistants of some kind. Although I do believe there are those who need assistance that assistance should not come from the government but rather charitable organizations. This is not my purpose for this blog but only an insight to the mindset of the American entitlement mentality.

We as a nation are going broke, our outgoing far exceeds our incoming and we cannot keep on this road. If we stay the course, we will end up like Greece with very little chance of ever recovering. I blame the politicians for the mess that we are in. If it were not for the purchasing power of the entitlement programs, they would not exist.

Every election year we hear about Medicare, Social Security and taxes. These are the death nail in the coffin of America. The politicians use them to secure your votes and every election year it works. Everyone wants a balanced budget, unless it takes away your entitlement program, then you are against it. To save the future of our children, we must act and act now. Someone must pay the price for the practices of the past and help assure a financial and secure future for our young.

Every few decades or so, Washington adjusts the age limit on Social Security. It is inevitable that someone in their 30’s will never see one dime of that money, so why are we working so hard to keep this Ponzi scheme going? That is all it is, Madoff’s plan was just a copy of Social Security. Take from the younger people to pay for the ones currently collecting. There is not one single thing about Social Security that Madoff did not copy; but he was sent to jail for it.

In the next few years the Social Security age will be 69, I personally do not know too many people who live much past that age now. So only a few will ever see that money. This is the goal of Social Security, to set it up so the majority of the people die before they can collect. So why are we even keeping it? It will be gone by 2056. There will be no Social Security by then unless they raise the tax or eliminate recipients.

Social Security already dwarfs Medicare spending and they will consume every dollar of taxes we receive by the end of this century. By 2050, spending on entitlements will double what it is now. Every generation before us has left the next generation better off except this one, I surly feel sorry for our children who will have less, live harder and could very well end up under tyranny. I hope we all feel better now.


Washington Speak


The spending of money for special projects such as, increase federal government control over the local school systems, special interests and friends of Washington. The Government controlled schools must invest more because the government controlled school program is currently failing.

Spending Cuts:

Lower the amount of increase of tax funds; an example of this: department “A” had a budget of $600,000,000.00 in 2010 with an expected increase in the budget of $145,000,000.00. Instead of increasing the budget to that amount, they only increase it to $140,000,000.00. This is a cut in spending, even though the congress is now spending $740,000,000.00. In the real world, the $600,000,000.00 would be cut to a lower amount, but in Washington nothing is ever actually cut.

Cost to government:

All money is the property of Washington and if you are allowed to keep a little more of it, then it cost the government. Although you might like to think this is your hard earned money, Washington sees this as an act of compassion to allow you to keep some of their money.

Balanced Budget:

Increase taxes to lower the amounts which need to be borrowed. The idea of actually cutting spending in Washington has never entered their minds.

Spending Freeze:

Return the budget to a previous amount. This is used only after Washington has increased spending beyond amounts absolutely necessary to please their campaign contributors and special interests groups.

Election Losses:

If the losses are republican, this means the people are unhappy with the work the republicans have done. If the losses are democrat, this means the electorate wants the republicans to start working with democrats.


Do what the democrats want and stop fighting for what you want.


Government control over everything now.


Government control over everything later.

Tea Party:

Left look at them as terrorist, the Right looks at them as power.

Cooperation: Do what we want; forget what we did to you last year.

Reinvent: Give more powers to Washington.

Redistribute tax breaks:

Tax oil companies forcing gas prices to rise while pass Cap & trade to cause energy prices to even go higher in an effort to focus on electric cars.

For the children:

Any spending that gives Washington more power but is not popular with the voters and tax payers.

Immigration reform:

Give criminals citizenship

Illegal Immigrant:

No such thing.

Spending tax breaks & loop holes:

Tax reform simplified: how much to do make, send it in.

Health reform:

Spend a minimum of $2 trillion or $250 billion, they chose to spend $2 Trillion.

Online medical records:

Better access by the government to make decisions once the government takes 100% control.

Border security:

What boarder security? There is none.

Economic reform:

Complete government control by politicians. So they can decide who wins and who loses.


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