Recently we have seen Tea Party protests, union protests and now we are seeing protests directed at Wall Street. The Tea Party protests are about spending and the overreaching powers of one centralized government; while the unions protest for benefits which are slowly killing our economy. What are the Wall Street protestors actually protesting?

Are they protesting the American Dream, the right to work hard and make what they can or are they protesting the right to receive a portion of someone else’s income. I believe we can sum up these Wall Street protests in one single word, socialism. Yes I know this is a flag word which indicates to the majority of people that this person is a nut. The first obstacle to any plan, especially any attempt to change something as large as an economy is to demonize anyone who opposes it. Let’s look at a little history.

In the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s, the term progressive was used to describe communists and socialists values. Even the idea of socialism in America was so deplorable the government held hearings to dig them out. What did they do; they changed their name. We are all familiar with the term, “Liberal”. Since this term has its roots in “Liberty”, the people accepted it right away.

Although the name changed, the tactics and objectives did not. Over time, the term “Liberal” had a bad taste in the people’s mouth and once again they changed the term. Today, the term is “Progressive” and as it was in the early 1900’s, the change was only in the name.

Throughout America we are experiencing targeted attacks on every aspect of our lives. The Environmentalist’s want to reduce population, reduce private property and the fair use of the property. Today the reduction of fuels, or the total elimination of the very fuels that created the manufacturing industry in this country, is the call we are hearing.

The social welfare state has become addicted and totally dependent on government welfare (Tax Dollars). Even the mere mention of doing the hard things with Social Security and other welfare programs raises a protest from the very same people demanding spending cuts and reduction of government. The call to arms is, “Cut everything that does not directly affect me”.

With this mentality, nothing will or can be done. With the demonization of investment companies and those who use them, America can never change the course. We see the water falls, we see the rapids and we know that once we go over, it is all over. Like a drug addict, we will do anything to keep the government benefits we deserve. This also means allowing an out of control government to dictate every aspect of our lives; like cattle, we happily move towards the slaughter house without a clue.

We all know the old saying, “I have never seen a poor man hire anyone”, why then do we choose to ignore it? If we limit or punish those who we believe make too much money, then who decides how much you should earn? Do we only allow those who work to have money? Do we not allow anyone to make more than $15,000 a year? What about those who do not work? If everyone is forced to make what someone else believes they should, no one would have anything better than the poorest among them. Someone once said, “Socialism always fails once they run out of other people’s money”.

I know that Wall Street misused our tax dollars, but the question we need to ask is; who gave it to them? How did they get that money? Answer this question and you see a socialist value system in action. Over and over again I hear we cannot be socialist because we have private property and independent company owners. There are various forms of Socialism; one the government controls everything under the authority of the people. Another form is when the people are in total control but refuse to use that power. This creates a vacuum that the government always fills. If the people are not spending money, then the government does. Once again this creates a dependence on government. The people lose their power because they do not use it.

The free markets and a capitalist society use the power of the purse to choose who will remain in business and who will fail. If we do not make the customer happy, they take their money to someone else and I go out of business. This is the basics of our economy, but the people have lost the desire because we know the government will do it for us, hence Wall Street.

It is not Wall Street or Washington’s fault for this; it is our fault. We have become so lazy that even the simplest things are done by someone else because we don’t want to do it ourselves. You and I should determine who stays in business and who fails, if they do not make the customer happy then go elsewhere and they go out of business and make room for others to enter the market place.

We are no longer doing our job and now the only companies left after the cleaning are the ones who treat you like a number. The ones we used, even though we did not like the price or service. Those who are left gain from extreme government regulations that eliminate the ability for others to enter the game. The old mom and pop stores did not survive because we did not do our jobs and they passed away as the large corporate stores took it all. We have spoken and it is ok to treat us like servants, every dollar we spend speaks on our behalf.

So why attack Wall Street, to limit them is to limit you. To punish those who produce jobs is pure economic suicide. The only conclusion I can come up with is that those who are protesting Wall Street want what they have; but if those on Wall Street are not allowed to keep it, why should you?