Once again it is July 4th and we sit in our back yards cooking on the grill. Having fun with family and friends is a regular occurrence during this time of year; but do we actually reflect on just what it means?

We celebrate our freedom, but do we fight to keep it? Under most circumstances, no we do not. We are willing to fight for others to gain freedom but what exactly have we lost because we have become passive about what most people on earth can only dream about.

Always remember that freedom is not free, it is leased and once we are not willing to pay the price, we lose it. Most people believe the United States could never lose our freedoms, but every day the freedom of speech, the freedom to live and the freedoms this nation was created around are almost gone. Today, if we even think badly about someone, we are punished for it (Hate Crime). The freedom of religion is now “Freedom FROM Religion” and even the bully is on the verge of being a criminal.

The divisiveness of multiculturalism has set us on a course to destruction, just like most countries in history. We fight wars on others soil for freedom but we are declared racist, hate mongers or other evil things if we stand our ground on our personal beliefs. We want the rich people, who pay most of the taxes anyway, to pay more; while the majority of us pay little or no taxes at all.

Unemployment is running out of control and spending is through the roof, but we complain when the necessary cuts are made which affect us. Washington has taken the last election and changed the meaning. The democrats took it as decrease the deficit (tax more), the republicans took it as reduce spending. Now we stand at the threshold of faulting on our debts for the first time, but this might not be a bad thing. Social Security and Medicare are going to bankrupt this country anyway, so it really does not make a difference.

Until the citizens of the United States become united once again with one goal (Freedom), we will continue to go downhill. Crime is out of control because we are taught in the schools we are nothing but animals; leading to a self centered mentality which will only lead to even more mayhem. We no longer care about others but only ourselves. If someone does something you do not like, they should be punished for hurting your feelings. Until we come together under one banner, we will continue to divide ourselves and make it very easy for some want-to-be dictator or oligarchy to take total control.

If you do not think this will happen, just keep thinking about yourselves and see what happens.