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Raising Taxes

The major story today and for the past 20 years is to raise taxes on the RICH or not. First of all we must define the rich, anyone who makes over $250,000. Now since this includes your employer, they will have three choices; choice one will be to reduce expenses which mean reducing employees and ending expansion plans. Option two is to raise the prices of the goods and services they produce, which also mean higher prices and more expenses on you the consumer. Option three is to accept a lower profit margin which will mean a better chance the company you work for, will simply go out of business.

To the ones who actually pay taxes, you know how these taxes adversely affect your spending and lifestyle. To the majority who do not pay taxes at all, you most likely think the rich can afford it. In fact, you who pay little or no taxes at all, which also include me because I do not make a lot of money, we all could pay more taxes. But why pay more taxes? Is it to provide income and benefits for others? This is the definition of socialism. Why should someone else pay for you to have children? Why should someone else pay for you to go to the doctor? Could it be because America today is simply socialist and full of lazy bums?

The objective of the last election was to reduce spending, but this President refuses to produce meaningful spending cuts and he wants more of your money to give to others. I call this the “Robin Hood Effect”. Take from the rich and give to the poor, to buy votes and stay in office. Until we break this cycle, we will keep drowning in debt until we die.

This is why we must let the nation debt go into default, this will end it quickly. Why should we die slowly? Even If we default or not, the end results are the same; America goes broke and our children live like they were in a third world country. Greece and America have a lot in common, the people demand to be taken care of and they refuse to fend for themselves. Why not just let it end quickly, this way the ones who do not care about how well the children live, will experience the affects for themselves while they still can.

Medicare and Medicaid will bankrupt this nation in less than 40 years. I want everyone who has a child to explain to them exactly why they will not have a better life than you did. Tell them about why you need the better life than they do. Explain to them why their children could very well be hungry most of their life. Inform your children you are more important than they are. This will not help, but maybe, just maybe they will understand.

Our education system is producing ignorant graduates who normally could not tell you who the governor of your state is; or who or what a majority whip is. They produce graduates who under most circumstances, have never even read the constitution or know anything about it. They have taken the “Creator” out of the culture which also means the “Endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights” is also gone. If you are not familiar with that term, stop reading now because you will not understand anything I have said.

Please talk to your children and explain to them why they will be forced to pay for your lifestyle. Let them know why America the land of the free will soon be the slaves of government. Since the politicians in Washington believe all money is theirs anyway. Listen to them when they speak of tax breaks as “government spending”.  The money you earn is not yours, it belongs to them and they are just kind enough to let you keep some of it.


It seems the last election was not about reducing government spending but rather raising taxes to increase spending. When I listen to what the people are telling me, they believe the government has grown too large and spend too much. But listen to Washington and that is not what we are saying at all. To the politicians who love their social programs, it seems they might want to seek out the free markets for their hearing tests instead of using government funded healthcare. I know of no one who wants more government except those who live off the tax dollars of others, they themselves do not pay taxes.

From what I remember, the people wanted smaller government, less spending and more working together to make America great again. Since the election I hear the politicians on the left redefining the meaning of the last election. To the left, the election was about more taxes on the rich and working to keep the social programs in place and growing. The right sees things in a different way; they see the last election as a referendum on Washington and their out of control spending. The right has it right this time.

The election was in fact, a demand for Washington to stop spending our children into debt. I think someone might want to tap President Obama on the shoulder and let him know. The agenda on the left is to keep spreading the wealth around while increase taxes on those who hire you and me. Currently the United States has the second highest tax rates in the world, second only to Japan. This means when a company wants to expand, the United States is excluded most of the time; is there any wonder why our jobs are going elsewhere?

I usually stay unhappy with Washington most of the time, but this new blood in Washington seems to actually be listening. The only drawback to this is, the necessary cuts are in the social programs the American people have become dependent (addicted) on. The only way to save these programs is to eliminate some contributors. Might I suggest cutting those who do not pay into the program?

We have two choices on the issue and only two. One is to go broke and become a fully socialist country or put spending in a box and take the hit now instead of our children later. This is the first generation in our history where we are so self-centered; we actually do not care about our children. We kill our babies thousands daily; we turn our children over to the state for all of their education. When they come home, we turn them over to the television or let them roam the streets not knowing where they are or what they are doing.

In the past, we would go without food, cloths, healthcare needs, in an effort to provide a better life for our children than we had. This is no longer the case; we say we love our children but when it comes to the slightest discomfort, we will drop them like a rock. The social programs have provided justification for unwed mothers, destroyed the family and killed the drive to save for our retirement.

We should be ashamed of ourselves for delivering our children to the government to raise. In most cases, the parents have no idea what the children are learning and never ask. We send them into their rooms to do homework, Watch TV, anything just to get them out from under our feet. What this all boils down to is the parents of the children could not care less about their well being. If you believe this is not you; what government programs, the government spends tax money on, are you willing to give up?

Happy 4Th of July

Once again it is July 4th and we sit in our back yards cooking on the grill. Having fun with family and friends is a regular occurrence during this time of year; but do we actually reflect on just what it means?

We celebrate our freedom, but do we fight to keep it? Under most circumstances, no we do not. We are willing to fight for others to gain freedom but what exactly have we lost because we have become passive about what most people on earth can only dream about.

Always remember that freedom is not free, it is leased and once we are not willing to pay the price, we lose it. Most people believe the United States could never lose our freedoms, but every day the freedom of speech, the freedom to live and the freedoms this nation was created around are almost gone. Today, if we even think badly about someone, we are punished for it (Hate Crime). The freedom of religion is now “Freedom FROM Religion” and even the bully is on the verge of being a criminal.

The divisiveness of multiculturalism has set us on a course to destruction, just like most countries in history. We fight wars on others soil for freedom but we are declared racist, hate mongers or other evil things if we stand our ground on our personal beliefs. We want the rich people, who pay most of the taxes anyway, to pay more; while the majority of us pay little or no taxes at all.

Unemployment is running out of control and spending is through the roof, but we complain when the necessary cuts are made which affect us. Washington has taken the last election and changed the meaning. The democrats took it as decrease the deficit (tax more), the republicans took it as reduce spending. Now we stand at the threshold of faulting on our debts for the first time, but this might not be a bad thing. Social Security and Medicare are going to bankrupt this country anyway, so it really does not make a difference.

Until the citizens of the United States become united once again with one goal (Freedom), we will continue to go downhill. Crime is out of control because we are taught in the schools we are nothing but animals; leading to a self centered mentality which will only lead to even more mayhem. We no longer care about others but only ourselves. If someone does something you do not like, they should be punished for hurting your feelings. Until we come together under one banner, we will continue to divide ourselves and make it very easy for some want-to-be dictator or oligarchy to take total control.

If you do not think this will happen, just keep thinking about yourselves and see what happens.


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