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The government According to the United States Constitution

Gov According Constitution


The Government According to the Supreme Court

Gov According Supreme Court


In response to a very long comment aimed at “Why I could not be President” some very good questions were asked. I will do my best to answer them. The very first question was of course, unwed mothers. The facts are we might want to keep our cloths on more and our legs closed more; believe it or not, this will help reduce the chances of becoming a mother who cannot afford their children. If you cannot afford to raise a child on your own, don’t have one.

The comment also addressed elderly healthcare, homeless and mentally challenged individuals. Since Social Security began, the American people have all but stopped saving for their retirement. The ability to purchase major healthcare coverage is all but gone since Medicare/ Medicaid. You could purchase a supplemental insurance plan but if you are over 60, the ability to have all of your insurance needs covered by purchasing insurance is gone. This is a direct result of a socialist program, like all socialist programs, the people become addicted, dependant and accustomed to the program and the free markets fall out of existence.

The comment also addressed taxes, stating that the top two percent pay the lowest taxes. This is not true, since the top 10% of income earners pay 71% of all federal taxes.

In America, we currently are second only to Japan in tax rates. This means that when a company is looking for a place to open shop, they look at us last because of our tax policies. By 2049, the entitlements (socialist programs) will consume all tax revenues. This means we will not have enough to turn the street lights on, garbage pickup and the White House will not be allowed to have electricity. Without taxes to run the country, nothing can run. Your socialist programs will in fact convert the United States into Greece or even worse, Russia.

The comment also stated that an involved government is necessary. This could not be further from the truth. Since allowing failed business to remain in business, we have only prolonged the inevitable outcome. Keeping a sinking ship afloat can only be achieved for a short term before either the pumps stop pumping or the water comes in faster than the pumps can pump. Meaning, these companies will fail again down the line and will cause an even worse outcome than this time. The free markets are supposed to work like this,

“Company A charges too much and does not provide the service you expect, company B charges less and provides a better service. So you leave company A and go to company B. Once company A notices their business is going down, they lower the prices and improve service to stay competitive.” But since America has become socialist in nature, we believe it is the government’s responsibility to regulate them. Just like healthcare, since we are not paying the majority of the bill, a third payer system generates higher prices and poorer service. The free markets work because you and I make it work. We supply the purchasing powers; we demand the level of service. But since we are socialist in nature now, government does it for us and we see the results.

The comment also states that the American people are not fit to fend for themselves, I can agree there. Since the last 4 generations have lived under a semi-socialist government structure, America is no longer the power house it once was. The public school system is ranked below third world countries and the people are totally dependent on someone else providing for them. Americans are not capable of providing for themselves because they believe it is the rich who should do it for them.

I have provided this comment for all to see, exactly what the mentality is of a socialist. I have posted this rebuttal in an effort to illustrate exactly why America cannot survive under its current path.


Why I cannot be President

There are several major reasons I could not become President of the United States. The first reason is I usually do what I say I will do. Although some in Washington actually attempt what they promise, we all know the majority of those in Washington know how to look good while knowing nothing will ever be done. When the republicans promised to repeal the Healthcare bill, they knew with 100% certainty they could not as long as the Senate is controlled by the democrats and neither the House or Senate have enough votes to pass a bill without the President’s signature. The promise the republicans made was just to look good in front of the Tea Party; while all along, they knew they could not fulfill any promise as long as the democrats hold their share of Congress and the President was a democrat.

I could not sleep well at night knowing I intentionally lied to the very people who trusted me. The second reason I could not be President is the money. To be President in today’s world means the person who can collect the most money to purchase the office. We are not voting for the person but for the person who has the best advertising agents and the person who can buy more prime-time television time. We are not electing an official; we are doing what we are told and nothing more.

President Obama had his own commission to inspect the best ways to reduce the deficit. The recommendations of this commission were ignored and instead of working to reduce spending; the President decided to change the meaning of the demand of the people. The people wanted to reduce the size of government, reduce wasteful spending and to get our house in order. Instead of tackling this, he decided to reinterpret the goals of the landslide election of 2010.

Today we hear the people want a balanced budget. This is just one small part of the demands of the people, but the democrats have decided this is all they will do. Since the reduction of the government is ignored and balancing the budget is the focus, the old game of class envy can be used to keep things as they are. Since the cuts are out of the picture, the way President Obama wants to balance the budget is to take from those who have and give to those who do not have (TAX). Same old game and he makes it sound like that was the objective of the people during the last election and we still say nothing.

The third reason I could not be President, I would reduce the size of government. This would not go over too well with the people since it is alright to cut spending, but only on the programs that do not affect them. The people want to keep the gifts of the government while cutting someone else. To have effective change, we would need to cut the social programs for everyone, no exceptions. This would not go over well at all with the people. So the major reason I could not be president is simply this. If the people want to bankrupt the country, I surely do not want to be in power when it happens. Remember this, “Socialism always fails when the government runs out of other people’s money”.

Some might claim we are not a socialist country, but I beg to differ; private property rights are all we have left of our republic. The government controls everything else, because we let them. I might run for congress though, I hear it is a lifetime job in the new United States. Just think of all the power I could amass in 10 years. Maybe that is why nothing ever really changes. If we only flush half of the toilet, the smell never changes.


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