Some people believe in prophesy while others believe in nothing at all. I am a firm believer in prophesy and although to my knowledge there are no direct prophesy about the United States, I have a very good idea of the outcome in the near future for us all. If we stay the course, we will become bankrupt, destitute and starve.

The United States has one of the highest standards of living in the world, yet to listen to the media, we are not. In other countries they live in huts, some people have never known electricity or running water but here in America, even the very poor among us have a cell phone. Percentage wise, 99% of United States citizens have some kind of food, clothing, clean water to drink and shelter. But all we hear about are the 1% which makes it look like we have a massive problem.

This drives us to believe we must spend even more tax dollars to help them out. We have citizens addicted to the government trough and are not capable of surviving without government assistants of some kind. Although I do believe there are those who need assistance that assistance should not come from the government but rather charitable organizations. This is not my purpose for this blog but only an insight to the mindset of the American entitlement mentality.

We as a nation are going broke, our outgoing far exceeds our incoming and we cannot keep on this road. If we stay the course, we will end up like Greece with very little chance of ever recovering. I blame the politicians for the mess that we are in. If it were not for the purchasing power of the entitlement programs, they would not exist.

Every election year we hear about Medicare, Social Security and taxes. These are the death nail in the coffin of America. The politicians use them to secure your votes and every election year it works. Everyone wants a balanced budget, unless it takes away your entitlement program, then you are against it. To save the future of our children, we must act and act now. Someone must pay the price for the practices of the past and help assure a financial and secure future for our young.

Every few decades or so, Washington adjusts the age limit on Social Security. It is inevitable that someone in their 30’s will never see one dime of that money, so why are we working so hard to keep this Ponzi scheme going? That is all it is, Madoff’s plan was just a copy of Social Security. Take from the younger people to pay for the ones currently collecting. There is not one single thing about Social Security that Madoff did not copy; but he was sent to jail for it.

In the next few years the Social Security age will be 69, I personally do not know too many people who live much past that age now. So only a few will ever see that money. This is the goal of Social Security, to set it up so the majority of the people die before they can collect. So why are we even keeping it? It will be gone by 2056. There will be no Social Security by then unless they raise the tax or eliminate recipients.

Social Security already dwarfs Medicare spending and they will consume every dollar of taxes we receive by the end of this century. By 2050, spending on entitlements will double what it is now. Every generation before us has left the next generation better off except this one, I surly feel sorry for our children who will have less, live harder and could very well end up under tyranny. I hope we all feel better now.