The spending of money for special projects such as, increase federal government control over the local school systems, special interests and friends of Washington. The Government controlled schools must invest more because the government controlled school program is currently failing.

Spending Cuts:

Lower the amount of increase of tax funds; an example of this: department “A” had a budget of $600,000,000.00 in 2010 with an expected increase in the budget of $145,000,000.00. Instead of increasing the budget to that amount, they only increase it to $140,000,000.00. This is a cut in spending, even though the congress is now spending $740,000,000.00. In the real world, the $600,000,000.00 would be cut to a lower amount, but in Washington nothing is ever actually cut.

Cost to government:

All money is the property of Washington and if you are allowed to keep a little more of it, then it cost the government. Although you might like to think this is your hard earned money, Washington sees this as an act of compassion to allow you to keep some of their money.

Balanced Budget:

Increase taxes to lower the amounts which need to be borrowed. The idea of actually cutting spending in Washington has never entered their minds.

Spending Freeze:

Return the budget to a previous amount. This is used only after Washington has increased spending beyond amounts absolutely necessary to please their campaign contributors and special interests groups.

Election Losses:

If the losses are republican, this means the people are unhappy with the work the republicans have done. If the losses are democrat, this means the electorate wants the republicans to start working with democrats.


Do what the democrats want and stop fighting for what you want.


Government control over everything now.


Government control over everything later.

Tea Party:

Left look at them as terrorist, the Right looks at them as power.

Cooperation: Do what we want; forget what we did to you last year.

Reinvent: Give more powers to Washington.

Redistribute tax breaks:

Tax oil companies forcing gas prices to rise while pass Cap & trade to cause energy prices to even go higher in an effort to focus on electric cars.

For the children:

Any spending that gives Washington more power but is not popular with the voters and tax payers.

Immigration reform:

Give criminals citizenship

Illegal Immigrant:

No such thing.

Spending tax breaks & loop holes:

Tax reform simplified: how much to do make, send it in.

Health reform:

Spend a minimum of $2 trillion or $250 billion, they chose to spend $2 Trillion.

Online medical records:

Better access by the government to make decisions once the government takes 100% control.

Border security:

What boarder security? There is none.

Economic reform:

Complete government control by politicians. So they can decide who wins and who loses.