In Camden N.J. today, the decision to fire some police officers over budget concerns is believed to be the correct move by local officials. Firing a librarian or secretary or two could have saved just as much money without allowing the citizens to be placed in danger. But that is the intent of the Camden N.J. officials; to place the citizenry of Camden N.J. in jeopardy so when they raise taxes the people will not fight about it.

Did the local administration take a pay cut, no. CNN reported today that nearly half of the city’s police officers were releases along with almost one third of the fire departments. This is a maneuver that has been used by many local governments to persuade the citizens to shut up and do what they are told. Did they cut back on the tax assessor’s office, not to my knowledge they did not. Did they reduce the road crews and janitors; I have not found one instance were any “nonessential” personnel had even taken a pay cut, but that is not to say they did or didn’t.

The only cuts were the very ones the government are actually organized to supply; all of the other wasteful spending keeps going. The duty of our government is to collect taxes, provide for our defense and guarantee our US and state constitutional rights. But what they do instead is endanger the people, release prisoners, close prisons, fire police officers and fire department personnel. Do they cut out the private coffee machine in the administrative offices? Do they cut the Mayor’s pay? Do they reduce the two hundred thousand dollars a year pay to the education administrator?

Nope, all they cut are the very duties for which are the main purposes of government; all in an effort to force the citizenry to shut the hell up and fork out more money. It is not any simpler than that, but most people do not look at it that way. Most of the citizens believe it is better to have the library open than to have police; they believe that bridge next to some important campaign contributor is more important than some poor soul’s home burning down.

Look at what our governments have become, tax and spend-a-holics, special funds for special people. I will say this one more time and this time I hope others hear, until we fire every single person in the state capitals and in Washington DC, nothing will ever get better; we will just stay on this course until the US Dollar becomes worthless. When the US Dollar is no longer the international exchange currency, you will wish for the days when gasoline was only $5 a gallon.