I was unemployed and about to lose everything I own, so I went out in search of a job. The first place I went was where the wine drinkers go and asked everyone I could find if they had a job opening; everyone looked at me as if I were crazy. They said they were looking for a job and they had no job for themselves so why am I asking them.

I then went to the homeless shelters and asked everyone if they had a job opening; each one said they had no job and why am I bothering them. So I decided to go to the poorest side of town to see if I could find a job. Everyone I spoke with told me the same things; they were in need of a job too.

I was about at my wits end; how could I find a job when everyone I spoke with was in need of a job. As I was sitting in the park near a small café, I noticed many people who were laughing and having fun, so I went over and asked them if they had a job. Every one of them told me they were just getting by and they could not afford to hire anyone, they had no jobs to give. I had nowhere else to go; the only ones left were the evil rich.

I finally broke down and walked into a small printing shop and asked for a job; they told me they had no jobs open and had just hired someone for the last open position. I thought to myself I was getting closer because this is the first person who actually had a job opening recently. As I was walking away, a man in an expensive car drove up and got out. I knew right away, this man is one of those evil rich people I hear about and I immediately went the other way.

I eventually ended up living with the winos down in the poorest side of town. I was sure eventually I would get a job from someone there. One day I went to sleep, but never woke up and died of hyperthermia. I never found a job from a poor man and hated the rich so much I refused to help make them richer.

The moral of this story is, “No one has ever received employment from a poor person”.

If we hate those who perform and get rich, then how can we expect to ever get there ourselves?

When we punish the producers, all we will have left are the non-producers.

Next time you receive a paycheck, thank a rich person for it. That is where all paychecks come from. The term evil rich has been lowered with every election; how long before your job takes flight and moves away? If we make it hard to become rich or stay rich, who will supply the jobs?