What will the United States of America look like in 2050? Will Washington D.C. have gained all the powers that once were the peoples by then? Will guns be outlawed and will we be allowed to eat what we want or will the government dictate to us what we can eat? These questions and many others will be answered in my predictions of the year 2050 AD.

Currently in 2010, the hot topics are guns, energy and an out of control government and her debt. Will these problems find a solution by then or will they still be in the forefront of the public’s eye? Recently the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment applied to the individual for home protection. But in reading the federalist papers, the courts omitted the one major reason the people should be armed, against a tyrannical government. We would not expect the government to let us know that portion of the amendment, since it is directed at them.


I predict that by June 2050, it will be illegal to purchase ammunition unless it is registered with a serial number and limited to ten rounds. This will basically eliminate the citizens from being able to have any real defense against a tyrannical government at all. The laws will be changed and anyone who is found outside their home with a gun will be imprisoned and this and other reasons will leave all the prisons overcrowded.


Our prison system in 2010 is currently overcrowded because of drugs and the violent behavior if the prisoners. In 2050, there will be little tolerances for insulting people, hate crimes will be placed on every court docket for almost every crime imaginable and most of all, free speech will only exist in praise of government and not in opposition of government.

Since the government is teaching our young children what they should know, how they should think and who to inform if a family member is doing something wrong; the term “ Hitler’s youth


It has been well documented that before any tyrannical government can take hold, the people (children) must be trained to believe it is for the best. The American education system falls somewhere between 17th place and 25th place in science, math and reading. What are they teaching seven hours a day, five days a week? Why are our children out-of-control today? Has your child ever come home from school and you mention something and they quote the teacher and that is final? Were they steed fast that you were wrong and the teacher was right? If that has never happened between you and your child, chances are you do not ask enough questions about the daily activities in the government education system. They teach evolution as a proven fact, when it is still just a theory. No evidence has ever been found, just only guesses to a process. Science is a process where something is studied and then duplicated in a lab. Evolution has not even gotten to the finding of any evidence of that, but that is a whole other subject which the limitations here will not allow.

Over a hundred years ago, having sex with multiple partners was considered unsafe and immoral; today it is the norm not to know who your father is. Killing innocent babies in the womb was once thought of as barbaric but today it is just another procedure at the doctor’s office. How did we change our way of thinking about these things? We did not just wake up one day with a new outlook on life and death. No, this happened slowly over decades of targeted training of the children; today the children then are the parents now. We hear the teachers say it is the parent’s fault the children behave like they do and we hear the parents say it is the teachers. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

In 2025, having sex at ten years old will be acceptable and after the sex, the parents will just drop them off at the local abortion clinic and pick them up after work. One hundred years ago, having sex with as many as possible made a person ashamed; but not today and in 2025, it will be encouraged.

The damage is done, the children of yesteryear are the parents of today and they never received the necessary information to be an effective parent. In today’s world, If your child becomes a criminal, the parent did all they could do and it is not their fault. But then exactly whose fault could it be?

The necessary value systems to grow up with honor and respect are almost gone; in 2050 the value system will be anything the individual wishes it to be. This is also known as animalism and is completely contrary to the human race. Placing the human down to nothing but an animal is the main theme of evolution and what the schools are teaching the children to be. If nothing is wrong, everyone is correct and if everything is ok, we have no criminals or limitations to our happiness.

Washington D.C. will have total control over the masses and the states will be nothing more than a department of the federal government. The autonomy the states have now will be gone over greed of money from the federal government. How to control the schools; provide the states with a lot of money and apply strings so Washington can pull them. Soon even the states will fall to the power of an out of control federal government and once that happens, the people will have no powers.

The Constitution was written with the belief the people had the powers and lend them to Washington to use as the people saw fit. Today it is just the opposite and with the elimination of God in our public lives, so go the “God given Rights given to us by our creator”. Eliminate God and the rights provided us by our creator now belongs to Washington and not us.

So as you can see, if we are not under a totalitarian regime by 2050, we cannot be far from it. It has been shown time and time again in any history book written before 1950 that a nation that gives a little, takes a lot. After 1950, the history books omit or have changed the outcomes to benefit the utopia they desire. Compare school books from 1940 and earlier to those of the 1960’s to today. They are not talking about the same history.