In a continuing effort to inform those who know little about how our government works, or lack thereof, we take a look at who actually pays taxes in America. Has it ever crossed your mind why people want the rich to pay even more of their income rather than an equal portion or percentage? The information I provide here might illustrate the cause of this class warfare we see today.

In 2007, 32.6% of tax filers paid no federal income taxes (4,661,800 tax filers) and a large percentage of those who did not pay federal income tax actually received additional income above and beyond their withholdings (Welfare). That equates to a large number of voters who pay no income tax. Is it any wonder why they want others to pay even more? Since they have no skin in the game, they could not care less if taxes go up because it will not affect them.

Our politicians in Washington are spending more, removing more off the tax rolls and putting a greater burden on the individuals who are the engine of our economy. The objective is to remove the engine and replace it with a hamster; the hamster being the federal government. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand if you punish someone for an action; the result will be less of that action. So by punishing those who drive the economy, the economy slows down and the federal government moves in and takes control. This is a trademark of socialism and communism; Europe is at the end of their socialist run and discovering that socialism can only exist until those who pay stop paying.

I know most people do not believe America can become a socialist nation, but let me inform you that almost every country has either passed through socialism or dictatorship. No country is immune to the takeover of a large centralized government. The more people who are removed from the tax rolls, the more our politicians use that to purchase votes. Notice in this last election and every election since the individual income tax became law; our politicians use the tax code to create class warfare between the poor who do not pay taxes and the rich who pay most of the taxes. Meanwhile, the middle class is squeezed like an orange in a juicer.

The bottom half of the middle class is being pushed down to the poor level, while the upper middle class is being reclassified as rich. The inevitable outcome is to have only two classes, rich and the poor without anyone in the middle. As kings throughout history have done, they honor the rich while pandering to the poor until the poor is not needed and the result is always more poverty. The standard of living for our children will not be anywhere near what it was for our fathers. We have peaked out our standard of living and now we must pay the price. That price will be the steady downward trend to a third world nation.

The government is now centralized which is something our founding fathers never intended, this is why the constitution was written the way it was. Our constitution designed our government to be the following:

The Citizens

The States

The Federal Government (Limited Role)

Today our government is completely reversed. We now have a government structure with the Federal Government on the top:

The Federal Government (Unlimited Role)

The States (Limited Role)

The People (Limited Role)

This is a result of our tax code; we have been purchased for the promise of being allowed to keep a little more of the Federal Government’s money. We have all seen the emails of the new tax forms, where it asks two questions; “how much did you make this year” and “send it in”. Too many Americans believe this is a joke but in reality in just a few years even 100% of the top 50% will not pay the bills. Since only 67.4% of tax filers pay federal income tax now, we can see how that can happen.

Charlie Rangel recently spoke at his hearing and said that he deserves special treatment since he has been in congress for 40 years. Why and how can anyone be in congress for 40 years? There can only be one answer, the assembly of power. Today our elections are not about who can do the best job but about who can obtain the most money. Who can advertise the most, get in front of the camera and stretch the truth until it breaks. He was on the Ways and Means committees which write the tax codes; need I go further?

Our problems stem from one place, Washington. They use the tax codes to stay in office while the country goes downhill. It is not in our interests to keep anyone in office for more than two terms and to ignore this common sense rule is to doom this country to the level of Greece. We have all seen the commercial were George Washington is driving the car into battle and the end when it says America has done two things right, freedoms and cars. Well unless you have been in a hole for 50 years, the government now controls both.