Today I learned something that I did not know before; our politicians and the media believe the outcome of this past election was because I wanted congress to do more and to work together. I sure did not know I wanted the federal government to do more, since I voted to decrease the spending and to shrink our government to its constitutional authority. The last time I checked, what I voted for was for our congress to do less and to stop what they have been doing for over 50 years.

I sure am happy that the media and politicians know what I wanted and straightened me out. According to the media, the majority of Americans want more action from the government and that means our government must spend even more of our money. It is well known that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction; this includes Washington too. For every action Washington takes, it cost money.

Our politicians and the media have declared that a tax cut will cost the government money; this also means that they believe all money belongs to the government and they allow you to have a little more. The term tax cut to Washington is not allowing you to have more of your money, but allowing you to keep more of the government’s money; which is why they declare tax cuts cost the federal government. I am so happy they straightened me out.

This type of manipulation has been a key tool in Washington since the passing of the individual income tax. Since no one actually knows what is in the hearts of others, we are told what to believe. The last time I checked, this past election was a direct result of an out of control government. A government who believes they have the powers to tell you what you must buy, the power to control your medical records and the power to regulate every aspect of your life.

The IRS will have total control over what health insurance policy you can have and to insure you have government approved health insurance; this also includes your medical records. How long will it be before Washington tells us what we can eat, what type of car we drive and how to raise your children? Hold on just one minute, they already do.

The American people have become nothing but sheep to herd and use for the politicians gain. Washington has come to believe we are there only to allow them to tell us what we must do. We are not capable of handling our day to day lives and must have Washington tell us what we must think and do. Since thought is a crime (hate crimes) now, we must conform to Washington or be punished. When are we going to wake up?

Why do we allow this level of control from those who we really do not trust? The answer is simple, the brainwashing we receive every day by the news media, movies and TV shows. How can they control us? We allow them this level of control because of class warfare. The majority of Americans are middle class and since we have the majority of the money we are the ones to manipulate. We are told it is Washington’s duty to protect the poor; but all they do is keep the poor, poor. The politicians and media keep telling us that it is our responsibility to insure the rich pay for the poor.

The poor do not pay taxes and the majority of the middle class do not pay taxes either. Since the tax obligation is small or nonexistent on these people, the amount of taxes one must pay means very little to them. They only care that the rich are forced to pay their fair share. The information in the link I have provided indicates that more and more people are not paying taxes. But who pays the majority of the taxes? It is those who make around $30,000 a year, since there are more making that much than any other amount. But who really pays corporate income taxes? Well it is these same people because all cost of doing business is passed on to the consumer, you.

When Washington speaks about raising taxes on the evil corporations, they are actually telling us that they are raising taxes on us. It is this type of manipulation Washington and the media use to trick you and to get you to agree to a tax hike.

Listen to the media; it is all a play on words. It is very subtle and effective because we hear the words but we do not listen to how they are used. We become accustomed to the language and eventually we begin to believe the language but not the definition of the words. We begin to think a phrase means something it does not. While we do this, we influence others into believing their definition and the American attitude changes.

Everyone knows the media has an agenda, all of them do. Today’s media are there for the parties, the republican and democrat parties control and manipulate how the information is delivered. MSNBC delivers the democrat parties talking points, while Fox News delivers the republican view point. Although it has been shown that Fox News delivers more unbiased news, the pundits of all the news media are completely biased.

All I ask of the American people is to scrutinize every word we hear, new, movies and TV. Bring to your attention the exact meanings being conveyed. Don’t think for one second the language means what you think it does, because more often than not, it does not. The term “Tax Cut” means taking away from the government, instead of allowing those who work for their money to keep a little more. The term “For the Children” inevitably means taking something away from others and giving to someone else. The term “for the people” actually means “for the reelection campaign”.

Until we completely clean out Washington, we will never see substantive change. As long as the aim in Washington is to be reelected, we will never see our budget truly balanced and it is clear our national debt will never be paid. Now the Federal Reserve is going to dump $6 Billion into the economy with the idea it will make things better. I will let you in on something; $6 billion will only cause the value of the U.S. Dollar to plummet. I suggest buying gold and fast because once this happens gold prices will go up drastically. Everything that can be purchased with the dollar will shoot up in price.

The definition of inflation is “Too many dollars chasing too few goods”, the definition of deflation is “The value of the currency drops”. To stave off inflation, the Federal Reserve is attempting to create a balance between inflation and deflation, which is not possible since our economy is based on the economies of other countries. Once the dollar loses value, the demand for the dollar as a base currency will go away and the demand for a world currency will be louder than ever.

The way the politicians and media explain this is the government is attempting to stimulate money supply and to help jumpstart new jobs. How can anyone hire and expand when tomorrow is so uncertain. The cost of doing business is like an iceberg, flowing with the tides. Who would actually increase their debt when they have no clue what tomorrow will bring? The only ones who do that are politicians in Washington, no one else. This is why we need to clean Washington out. We have Senators and congressmen who have never actually held a job outside of government and the majority in the current administration have never actually had a job in the private sector. Is there any wonder we are in this mess?