Well it is Election Day and tonight we find out if we stay the course or if we detour just a bit. Either way this election really means nothing. Since the majority of those running are career politicians or lawyers, the end result will be the same as it has been since the 1960’s. There is only one way to really have effective change, fire them all.

We hear that George Bush caused all of the problems we currently are experiencing but who is really to blame? Remembering that congress controls the laws and the spending, the President cannot really effectively do anything without congress approving it. The President cannot spend one cent without congress creating a law that allows it, every appropriations bill is in fact a law dictating how much and where money will be spent.

The President submits a proposal and congress writes the appropriations bill, more often substantially different than what the President asks for. If it is acceptable to the President, he will sign it into law. It is unfortunate that most people do not understand how our government works. So in reality, the congress is in control of every cent spent, they are the purse strings of this country. Now that we know this, it is time to pass the blame.

Since the economy began its downward slide shortly after 2006, the republican’s part in it is limited but the democrat’s blame is the majority share. Nancy Pelosi won the Speaker of the House in the 2006 election and she maintains control until this election, 2010. Georgia Bush and the republicans in the congress did spend a lot more than previous administrations, but the other administrations did not have 911 either. This is not an excuse but a reality that I just wanted to point out.

Since the 2006 congressional elections, the spending by congress has quadrupled with the democrats in majority control. Now some want to blame President Obama for the increase in spending and to that point it is true. Some people want to blame the republicans for the increase in debt and the economy, but who controlled congress, the democrats with President Obama, then Senator Obama. Some seem to have a short memory when it comes to who spends what.

Both the democrats and republicans are addicted to spending, mainly because of the need to buy votes. The major cause of our economic condition and national debt is simple, career politicians and the need for power. So I hope this election we clean house, literally. As long as we keep politicians in office year after year, we are never going anywhere but down. It is never a good idea to keep someone in that kind of power for more than two terms, the outcome is all around us.

Since we began allowing politicians free reign, we have more welfare and other debt than we can possibly handle. We took the charity away from the local level and put it in Washington; we took the local and state control from the local level and put it in Washington. The controlling powers were never meant to be so far away, they were supposed to be closer to the people. Since it is so far away now, they are detached from the people and reign like Kings and Queens. They are in fact, the ruling class, the elite.

Where are we going to wake up and smell the garbage; maybe when we all are living in the streets because we can no longer get in the door. Then we might do something about it, but I doubt it.