To continue the lessons of the political agenda of Washington, we now visit President Obama’s speech recently. While quoting the Declaration of Independence, President Obama conveniently omitted the part where the people had “certain unalienable rights endowed by our creator”. Now some would say that this is just being picky and making a mountain out of a mole hill. I say far from it; since the federal government began the takeover of our education system and “The separation of Church and State”, which is not even in the constitution, Washington has been attempting to eliminate religion by many means.

Some of you will be happy about that because you either do not like religion or you are afraid of it. Well take this to heart, without our Creator, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness could not exist. The aim is to eliminate the Creator and replace him with government. Most governments such as communism and socialism banish religion so they have no competition. The little slips like omitting that our rights come from something other than government is an intentional one. The key here is to listen to what they say, over and over again in slightly different ways.

Washington uses marketers to determine what key phrases make a difference, you and I are nothing but lab rats to be studied and experimented on, like they did in the past. President Obama once said, “We are no longer just a Christian Nation”; if anyone has ever taken a trip to the capital, everywhere you look are Christian images and writings. Some would like to remove God from the center of our lives, because they do not want anyone looking down on them. By removing God, we would effectively be removing any and all value sets that distinguish good from evil.

We cannot display the Ten Commandments, yet most of our laws are based around them. We cannot display the manger on government property during Christmas. The constitution tells the government they cannot make any law with regards to establishing or depriving religion; but those who want God out of our country will tell you that the constitution has the words “separation of Church and State”, but it does not. The misconception of the Constitution is that it also controls the people, which it does not do that either.

The constitution spells out the structure of the Federal Government, what it can do and what it cannot do and if it does not specifically provide the powers, then it is stated to be left up to the States or the People. The constitution is a contract between the people and the federal government; this contract cannot be changed by Washington unless we allow it to be. But Washington cannot change it alone they must have two thirds of the states to amend, but the States can with a two thirds vote, and congress is not necessary in this amendment process.

So how can Washington make the changes they want? There are several ways, one way is to allow the courts to write laws from the bench and this basically is nothing more than throwing the constitution out the window. Some judges have spoken out about using precedent from other countries and laws from other countries to make decisions here in America, once again throwing the constitution out the door.

Omission of words, the changing of words or their meanings are the common place tactics Washington use today. Like Bill Clinton once said, “it all depends on what the meaning of the word “is”, is”. Remember, most of those in Washington are lawyers and can hide a hotdog recipe in plain site with their double speak. My point here is this, listen to what they say and then look at what they have done in the past. If the two add up, and they say what you like; then by all means vote for them. But like this election, if the politician’s job is in danger and you hear, “I never voted with Pelosi” or “I don’t support Pelosi”, lookout because it was almost a unanimous decision back in 2006. You remember 2006 don’t you? That is when Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae began backing anyone with a pulse and allowing them to get into homes with almost no money at all, you remember 2007, when we had to drive as little as possible because Nancy Pelosi refused to open our public land to drill just to ease the pain at the pump. That same year she stated “she would not let a vote on a bill to hit the floor on opening up drilling”,

To me this is an agenda that only hurt America and led to the disaster we are now facing. One step at a time and the people will not be smart enough to put them together. We were still growing up until the 2006 election, four years later here we are. We do not listen to what they say; they tell us what we should listen to. If a member of party X does something wrong, then it should be ok for the entire party Y to do it too. In 2005 we were just entering a slump, but thanks to Washington in the 2006 election, that slump turned into a sink hole.

Now in 2010, the sink hole has swallowed up our retirements, jobs, the automobile industry, Wall Street, The State governments, the health insurance companies, the health providers and even our personal medical records. Speaking of medical records, if Washington cannot keep military secrets, how in the world are they going to keep our medical records secure? They cannot and will not. A short time down the road, the employers will have access to them, the IRS will have access to them and you will be walking down the street and meet up with an old friend you have not seen in over 10 years and he will say, “So how’s that gout doing or sorry to hear about the breast cancer”.

The government has only one use, to defend the states in time of war. Today it has many duties such as, taking your money and giving it to someone who deserves it more than you, telling you that you are not allowed to pray on the steps of the Supreme Court. Regulating what foods we are allowed to eat, trying to dictate what kind of car we will be allowed to drive, who we must allow in our homes if we advertise a room for rent. You cannot ask for a Christian woman without getting into trouble. The federal Government was never intended to dictate what we can or cannot do, it has very limited powers and to control the people is not one of them, that’s the individual State’s jobs, not Washington.

See how far we have gone? We did not even see the first step and we have moved so far away from what America is about. We do not even know what it means to be Americans any longer. We lost those values three generations ago. Freedom to the American people is the freedom to sit back and let someone else do it for them. That is what freedom means in the XXI Century. Another item that is taking us away from freedom, killing a baby just because the mother wanted to have sex with a stranger and did not use proper protection.

The last generation that raised their children with values and knowledge died over 30 years ago. Today, mama’s use their babies to try and keep the boyfriend, instead of making a relationship with the boyfriend and getting married before having the child. This is just a glimpse of the surface of our problems. I predict population control by the end of 2025. One baby per family and once you have your baby, you will be sterilized. You will not see the steps to that law either, because you were more concerned with WII and Nintendo.