In an effort to bring to light some political trickery, I am continuing my lessons on Washington. What most people do not understand is the simple play on words that is also known as Political Speak. President Clinton said just the other day, if we want it we just have to work harder to get it. I will define that statement, “If we want it, we must spend the money”. This is what Washington thinks about the citizens of America; they believe we can be purchased and all they will need to do is spend more money.

Unfortunately, this is true. It is not the message that makes the candidate but rather the amount of money and the exposure the politician receives, that makes or breaks the campaign. Even though it has been shown that most Americans are very unhappy with the direction the current President and Congress are taking the country, they believe all they would need to do is spend even more money, make even more promises and make more laws.

When did it become necessary to have a law regulating every activity of every citizen? When did it become necessary to buy votes? The political machine in Washington has found that by pitting one side against another, they gain job security. They pit the rich against the poor, the old against the young and the entrepreneur against the consumer. They find it necessary to write a new law at least once a month. They pretend to fight but only for show, there are no differences between the parties; they are just two sides to the same coin.

The way Washington looks at the people is very sad; they believe the people must be told what they can do and must defend those who are offended. Just a little insight, nowhere in the constitution does it provide for anyone the right not to be offended. The control of thought (hate crimes) and the control of free speech (hate speech) will be the end of our freedoms. The term “Freedom of religion” is now “Freedom from religion”, the first amendment now is conditional that no one is offended by what you say.

Where did all of this come from? Why Washington DC of course. If the politicians do not have something to fight, they have nothing else to do. If the politicians have no cause, they must create one or amplify one to bring attention to and the importance of Washington politicians. Take health care for instance; the federal government gave incentives to businesses if they provided health insurance. This created the way insurance companies began to operate and the creation of the third party payer system. Now today, they are against that very system they created. Since the creation of the third party payer, Washington pushed for more and more health care coverage. The states governments initiated an even broader plan and the federal government created and ever widening plan.

Now today, the purchaser of healthcare is not the patient but totally the insurance company’s responsibility. The deals with doctors and hospitals have excluded the patient from paying. If the patient does not have insurance, they do not receive the care of those who do. Now Washington has decided that we need to abolish the insurance companies altogether and allow the federal government to control our health care, handle our medical records and determine what care we receive. All we would need to do is eliminate health insurance and only allow major medical. This was the only type of insurance you could buy years ago. Washington changed that only to want to change it again.

This time, they want to control it all and while at it, control you. They want to make it illegal to insult people, they want to put you in prison for additional years for what you think and say. Do we see a pattern here? They took over the education system just a few decades ago and claimed they were just going to make it equal. Today it is so equal, everyone fails. We are now somewhere around 25th in the world and spend more tax dollars than any other nation but come up almost last.

If we allow Washington to touch it, we must be touched. Are we crazy or just lazy? Are we really insane or have we lost the ability to reason? Vladimir Linen, you know the Russian Dictator, once said that control over the children was necessary if the state were to maintain control over the people. He was correct, make the children dumb and the next generation will allow the government to do anything, even take total control.

Some of you are jumping up and down about to pull your hair out over what I am writing but keep in mind that if you are, the government has succeeded.