I hear complaints about large corporations almost every day. It seems that some of you do not understand economics or accounting but insist on bashing large businesses for making money. How would you feel if you lost your job or were told you make too much money and will be forced to give it to the government? That is what is happening with businesses today and the people demand it.

Let me open your eyes slowly so the light does not blind you; all cost of doing business is passed on to the consumer. This is called profit and if the cost of doing business was not passed on, there could be no profit and therefore, no jobs. If a company cannot expand and grow, it dies and if it dies you lose your jobs, plain enough? The real problem here is Washington and the politicians who control it, already know this and use it to deceive you, the voters. This is just another example of how the tax codes are used by the ruling class (politicians) to buy votes and stay in power.

Basically when you the people want “Big Corp” to pay through the nose, you are basically telling Washington you want to pay more taxes, because that is exactly what you are saying. Every tax dollar has to come from somewhere and guess where they come from, you. Companies collect taxes, they do not pay them. For every item they sell, the cost of doing business is included in the price. This includes payroll, property payments, TAXES and every other cost associated with the daily activities of a business.

Politicians know this and they also know the average American is not smart enough to understand this. Why do you think they took over the education system from the states? Those who do not understand can be told any lie and they will believe it. Vladimir Lenin (Communist Dictator) once said that if you give him the children, the seeds he will sow will not be removed. This is the same principle Washington has taken and it is very successful. The less the people know the better.

This year’s election is full of examples of just how stupid our politicians know we (Americans) are; they utilize the tax code to make promises to punish the successful. They know you are not aware enough to understand that when you raise taxes on one class, all classes below pay it. Why do you think those in Washington are not concerned about their taxes, at least those in Washington who actually pay their taxes. Most members of congress are millionaires but they are not worried about taxes, they play the game and know how it works.

This is exactly why we need to eliminate the individual income tax and move to the consumption tax or the Fair Tax system. Not only will we be eliminating Washington’s powers but no one could be called a Timothy Geithner ever again. If this happened and the income tax was eliminated, jobs would be produced, tax collections would increase and even the drug dealer would pay their taxes like everyone else.

So you see, the class warfare tactics of Washington are only meant to buy your votes, nothing more. Only individuals pay taxes and all others collect taxes from you to pay to Washington. Now think about this and make the proper choice in November, get rid of them all and replace them with real people not millionaires and career politicians. Until you do, keep your wallets out.