Back at the turn of the 20th century, most of the powers of government were at the state level. The states dictated what Washington did, but since the “New Deal” or the invention of welfare and the new tax code, all the powers of the states has moved up to Washington. This is our problem today; we have consolidated almost all powers to just a handful of the few, this is called an oligarchy. The definition of an oligarchy is total control over the many by the few.

Our founding fathers designed a completely different system of government than we have now. The original powers were at the state level or with the people; today it is almost exclusively at the federal level. How could such a thing as this happen in the greatest country in the world? It began when the Supreme Court began interpreting the constitution instead of insuring the laws followed the constitution. I have read the constitution at least one hundred times and it is just a plain document. There is nothing ambiguous about it at all; it is a short document in the English language.

Why are we going downhill so fast? Since the slow progression of the consolidation of powers, no person is alive today who knew what America was truly designed to be. Our founding fathers warned us about the slow encroachment of our liberties, they knew the possibilities existed so they made the warnings over and over again in an effort to insure the generations understood and stood guard to prevent it. Today most of our children do not know anything about our constitution; they are told what it says but most have never even read it.

If a child has a book report due and only watches a movie based on the book, the book report will be inaccurate causing a failing grade. The same can be said about our country; our children are told the federal government is doing what it was designed to do. The results are what we see today. Where in the constitution does it give congress the authority to dictate what we must buy or what we can and cannot say?

The little known fact about the constitution is this; the constitution does not give the federal government authority over the individual, except in cases of treason. But you will not be told this, you will be told it is the government’s job and once again, this will cause a failing grade. The constitution originally did not tax the individual, it provided for the income by taxing the states and tariffs. But since congress passed the (temporary) income tax to help pay for WWII, Washington discovered a new found power. This power gives the politicians the ability to purchase votes by wealth redistribution and class envy.

I urge everyone to read the constitution at least 5 times and then make a decision. The constitution was never meant to be interpreted; this is why it is only just a few pages. The interpretation was to be on the laws to insure they obeyed the constitution. Like Bill Clinton once said, that depends on what the definition of the word “is”, is.

This is the logic of a politician,” nothing is as written and nothing is as it was meant to be, but rather what it can be twisted into, to benefit me”. Always remember that if you ever know the truth, you will always believe a lie.