To continue the education of the citizenry of America, we now explore just who is at fault in regards to our national debt. Most individuals mistakenly blame the President for financial problems and spending but this is not accurate at all. No amount of pressure a President can put on the House of Representatives can force them to spend on dime more than they are willing to spend; this is the beauty of the separation of powers our constitution provided for. All appropriations must originate in the House and then go to the Senate. Once passed by the Senate the bill will head to the President where he then signs it or he sends it back for modification. So for the politicians who claim George Bush ran our financial house into the ground, is in fact partially false. All we must do is see who was in control of the Congress to point most of the blame.

It was in fact, the Congress who approved spending, the congress is the purse of America and not one cent can be spent without their approval. The process is straight forward; the President sends his budget proposal to the House to create the budget. The President only submits suggestions as to how much and where the money will be spent. The representatives in the House then create the budget and bring it to the floor for a vote; the Speaker of the House rarely brings a piece of legislation to the floor for a vote unless he/she already knows the outcome.

After the budget passes the House, it is sent to the Senate and if passed goes to the President for him to sign. The budget bill might be passed back and forth several times between the three bodies before it is approved. My point is, we must understand how our government works to understand the lies our politicians are telling us. Yes I said lies.

If Washington wanted a balanced budget, there would be one.

If Washington wanted lower taxes, they would be.

If Washington wanted what they claim to want, it would happen.

This is not difficult to see the claims of the politicians as nothing more than deception. Without the fight for “Our Good”, they would have little, if anything to stand on when re-election time comes by. Washington has created a battle of classes where those who have little are being told it is because of those who have much. In an effort to show their worth, the politicians have created a false war between us. The divide and conquer tactics usually always win if you can create a dependant class to fight against the independent class.

If everyone were independent, then 90% of what goes on in Washington would have no meaning. Congress was and still is a part-time job; to spend millions and millions of dollars for a job that pays $163,500 a year would seem ignorant, but it is not the job they are after but rather the power. It is the power to manipulate our thoughts, the power to pit one against another in an effort to insure job security.

The democrats say the republicans are the party of “no”; while the republicans say the democrats are the party of “big spending”. I claim there are no differences between these two parties except which side of the imaginary Washington created wall they stand. Create a crisis to separate the people and the opposing class will help destroy the other. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, until the enemy is gone; then it is too late. Washington has taken our education system over and the end result is, we are now 25th in the world. We spend more money per capita than any other nation in the world and the results are staggering. We cannot fire a teacher, the children are now parents who do not understand parental responsibility and politicians are now in control of our children.

I am currently 46 years old and in the next two decades, the exponential downhill slide will be profound and irreversible. I truly expect America to be near #30 or below in education by the year 2020. The claims of our politicians in Washington are to enhance our education system to improve it and put America back at the top. Let’s look at the track record for one second; our national spending is out of control, yet Washington politicians declare it is not their fault, it is everyone else. The liberties and freedoms to pray or to prosper are attacked at every turn, yet it is always the other politicians fault.

This is exactly what we will see in our education system in the year 2020 and it will be the other parties fault. It is not to the advantage of Washington to have people who can take care of themselves; this does not provide additional powers to Washington and therefore, not advantageous to our politicians. When our education system became politicized, it began a downward trend and the end results are profound on the following generations. The parents of generation one did better than the parents of generation two and they did better than the parents of generation three. The trend is obvious but we chose to ignore it and force ourselves to believe there is nothing we can do; Washington will fix it.

In the year 1900, the term “Washington can fix it” would never have been spoken except in jest. The mere fact that we now actually believe the creators of our problems are the ones to fix them, is also called “insane”. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results. This is exactly what we have become; a nation of mentally challenged, crazy government addicts who either cannot or refuse to use their brain.

I understand I can be a little harsh but look who my audience is. My audience consists of educated, well informed individuals who already know what I am saying is true. My hopes are to get you out of your comfort zone and move you out into the public and make a difference. Educate those who are ignorant about the way our government works; make the stand to better others lives while at the same time, restoring liberty and freedoms to the people.

If you do not do it, who will? If you do not take a stand now, our children will be nothing more than tools to be used and discarded. We cannot make a difference for today, but we can make a difference for tomorrow and for our children, before it becomes too late.