When do we, as Americans say enough? Why are we so deep in debt and why does it seem our liberty is in danger? It seems that the American people just like debt and are not willing to run against or vote against those who are currently in Washington. It seems that the American people want Washington do run their lives and make the important decisions for them. Why else would someone vote time and time again for the same candidates, over and over and over again?

How else could career politicians stay in Washington for 40 years in some cases. Congress was originally a part-time job. It was not meant to be a full time job, but how did that change? How could you provide job security for yourself? Holding hearings on baseball, football and any other thing, is one way. Making them seem needed 24/7 is the goal of Washington, yet they only work just a few months at a time and get paid $163,500 a year or more.

They do this by creating new laws to spend money, for example, healthcare, GM, Wall Street and Billions given away to foreign countries. I have one major question to ask, why does congress believe it is their duty to write legislation every day? What do they do all day; sit around wondering what they can do next? They have taken over the education system, the states, Wall Street, health care, baseball, football, ended retirement as we knew it, dictate what we must purchase and for what? To keep their jobs, that is what.

The more power they collect, the more job stability they have and the more job stability they have, the more power they collect. Why do we keep them in office and why do we let them lie to us? I believe the answer to every question I have asked is the same, stupidity. It seems the American people have become stupid and lazy, ignorant and disingenuous. The American people want to be treated like the family dog, being provided for by their master. Being fed and cleaned up behind, being told when to go to bed and when to wake up, being directed when and when not to do something.

If this is you then you have your wish, but if this is not you and you like independence and liberty; you like to make your own decisions then something is defiantly wrong. The Tea Parties are being degraded as radical, right wing, crazy people and you let them. You allow the media to direct your thoughts and actions. Well, get up off your backside and get out there and run for office.

We need people in Washington, not politicians. We need Americans to run the country, not lawyers and doctors. We need people who have gone through rough times, not the ones who gave it to them. We need America first Americans, those who know what it means to fund payroll. We need those who want to make it on their own and believe we should do the same, not those who have never held a job outside of politics. Some members of our Congress have never worked for someone; they have never had a real job where you reported to work on time and were paid only if you worked.

Why do we elect people like that if it is not because we are lazy and completely stupid? We need people with high values, not people with high valued checking accounts. Why do you thing members of congress will spend millions of dollars for a job that only pays $163,500? The more power they receive the more money they make, most members of congress are in fact millionaires, or did you not know that too? Think about it.