It is now almost 2 a.m. and could not sleep. I once again sat down and read the Constitution of the United States and still I cannot find any limits put on the individual. I find many limits on government but yet, none for the people except an amendment making slavery outlawed. I don’t disagree with the thirteenth amendment or fifteenth amendments but this only applies to government, not individuals. Slavery is appalling and should have never taken place; however, I cannot find anything within the constitution which dictates who a person should be allowed to hire or fire, not one word about it at all.

Now Washington believes they have the powers to dictate to the individual who they can hire or what we think (Hate Crime Legislation) and they are coming very close to dictating what we can say. With the new health care laws, those in Washington believe they now have the powers to tell us what we must buy. They have decided to use the powers of the tax code to enforce their new found powers and fine us for not having government approved health insurance. Now this little fine is nothing more than a tax which is designed to construct a system where the insurance companies will be forced out of business.

Where did these powers come from and who gave it to them? The constitution did not provide these powers nor did the states, so who gave it to them? They were not given those powers but took them from the people. Washington has in fact, stolen the right of the people. I saw somewhere on the news a short clip of Nancy Pelosi saying that it was not their job to make sure the laws abide by the constitution, that was the courts job. But what does it say in our constitution?

In Section Eight of the U.S. Constitution is spells out the specific powers the legislature has and nowhere in it are any of these powers I have previously stated. My friends, congress is stealing our nation away from us and trying to move us towards tyranny. Since our constitution limits our government and not her people, why do we keep them in office? I know the same old, same old, “It is not my Senator or Representatives who is causing all of the problems”. You are right; it is YOU who is causing all of the problems. It is you who keep these politicians in office for 40 years; it is you who allow them to give themselves raises while spending our money like it grew on trees. It is you who allow our federal government to take over our lives.

Yes it is indeed you who keep those in power year after year doing the same things they have always done because you re-elected them for the 20th time. So how do you like being forced to buy health insurance from the “Insurance Companies”? You know those evil rich people who now by law can charge you anything they want and you will be a criminal if you don’t pay. You know, it is those who were demonized by Washington and now will be made very, very, very rich because there is a law requiring you to buy their products at the price they decide.

It is nice to know that now everyone is screwed and not just conservatives this time. You will finally experience what the rest of us have had to put up with by your consistent voting record. Maybe next election, you might think twice about putting a career politician in Washington and really consider the alternatives instead of voting for what you can take from me.