Our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they knew just how their heirs have squandered their freedoms and liberties away. They would cringe at the site of a Federal Government that takes money directly from the people and they would be sick at the way the citizens of this country are being bought at a discount price. They would tear it all down and start over if they knew just how our politicians in Washington have made a career out of taking your money and spending it on projects that benefit them.

If our founding fathers were alive today, they would have never set up the Supreme Courts the way they did. Originally it was to interpret laws according to the constitution, now it is interpreting the constitution according to the laws, and some want the laws of other nations included in that too. The constitution was written as a contract between the people who allowed the government to exist. Now it is a “limiting document” that only restrains the government. The Constitution never was meant to rule the people, but rather to control and limit the Government. Today, we find that Washington believes the constitution also regulates us.

The Constitution was intended to regulate the government and was not meant to regulate between the people. Washington has turned that on its head by making everyone believe the constitution applies to the people as well. It does not and never was meant to direct any individual or to tell any individual what they can or cannot do. It only applies to place limits on our government, not the people. So how did Congress get the authority to regulate baseball? How did congress get the authority to regulate Football? They don’t have that power, but what the people don’t know, will not hurt them.

Where in the constitution does it say I have to hire someone based on race or age? When did the Constitution begin to tell me what I can and cannot do? I challenge you to find one word in our constitution that applies between two individuals.

Our founding fathers would not be able to sleep if they knew Washington now represents only the people and not the States. Since Senators are elected by popular vote now, the voice of the States is gone and very soon, the states themselves will be gone and nothing will be left but Washington.

I was listening to the news today and what to my surprise, now congress is taking on driver’s licenses. Where and when did they get that power? Oh yes, the stupid, simpleminded, couch-potatoes who call themselves Americans, that is where! You let them claim it as their own.

Here is the deal, our founding fathers set up the power structure to be close to the people. The most power was assigned to the individual, then the local governments, then the State governments and then and only then was Washington given any powers. But we sat by and watched and did nothing, we gave Washington our lives to rule and we did absolutely nothing about it and to this day, we still ignore it.

My point in this is simple, we must change our State Governments to regain its autonomy or we as a nation will be destroyed from within. The safeguard in our Republic was the States and their people, but we have allowed an out of control Washington to take everything over, does the term “Constitutional Republic” mean anything? Today America is considered a “Federal Republic

Washington dictates who we must hire, how the football game should be played, what foods we should eat, what we think (Hate Crimes) and much more. We have allowed the States to dwindle into oblivion without saying a word. We have allowed Washington to take the money, once collected by the states and now Washington gives the states their money. Washington makes the laws the states must follow or they get no money, which was once theirs to begin with. The power to tax the individual was once the sole power of the States and the States gave Washington money to use to defend and run our National government. But today, it has been completely flipped on its head.

Once upon a time, the people dictated to the State governments, now Washington does. Once upon a time, the people ran and dictated what happened; now Washington does. Once upon a time, the people controlled their own lives, now Washington does. What makes this so bad and so sad is the people who actually knew freedom, are all dead.