In the election of 2008, we heard “change” from every direction, but what kind of change? President Obama did not hide his agenda when speaking of change; he was very vocal about what direction he wanted to take this country. It seemed the majority of citizens also wanted this kind of change. So what happened to make the people step back and really look at the direction we are going? I believe President Obama was the best thing this country could have asked for. If we had elected John McCain, we might have stayed the course and the slow movement of destruction would have never been seen.

We cannot see the moon moving, we know it rises and sets and we know why. However, we cannot see the movement if we sit and watch it, yet the movement is there. The same can be said about America. Since the early 1900’s, this nation was moving towards socialism, yet we could not see it. Neither we nor our children have been around long enough to see the movement. There is no one living today that was around during the horse and buggy days, no one alive today has known life without automobiles. So it is with our government. While moving slowly towards socialism, the people of America live and die before they have a chance to see it. Today our children believe that healthcare is a right and they also believe our government should provide for most of our needs.

Unless we stand up and take drastic actions, our grandchildren might never see true freedoms or liberties. Our government is working to have our healthcare records centralized; this provides the government with the powers over the people that our founding fathers never dreamed of. In 20 years, give or take a few, the entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will absorb more than the GDP of this nation. This means our government will be forced to tax the people at 100% and every dime will go to entitlements. No money for our military, not even one dime to run the lights at the White House. This is your grandchildren’s future.

While congress takes from the Social Security funds to help fund their pet projects, our future is being destroyed. Everyday, the elite in Washington take it upon themselves to spend more money than we can possibly fund. But we keep electing them, over and over in the belief that my representative is doing a good job. While Louisiana does receive kickbacks and other states are exempt from some taxes; our country is on its death bed. Our children’s future is bleak at best. We have a Supreme Court that narrowly decided that the second amendment applied to the states and local governments. Something so plain and simple, so straight forward and it was a narrow victory. Will that victory be overturned in ten years?

Something is very wrong in America; we are no longer the nation we once were. We have become European in nature, Russian in stature and if things do not change, Venezuelan in governance. There is only one way to end this downward spiral, clean Washington out, completely. Else we will only delay the inevitable. Our elected officials have taken it upon themselves to protect their jobs; who can spend the most money, who can promise the most from someone else’s tax dollars. Have you ever wondered why there are only two parties in a national election? This is because the two parties set the rules and the rules are setup in such a way that no other party can participate. What we have today is two sides to the same coin. Nothing will change as long as we keep the same people, the same parties and the same rules in place. To change the chains that bind us requires us to take action. If we keep one politician in Washington after this next election, we will have failed in doing anything at all. If we keep one republican or one democrat in office, we will have changed nothing. We need independent thinkers, those who know who they work for and those who believe it is better to work for the people than it is to work for campaign contributions.