Since the beginning of the Tea Party movement, political parties have attempted to use it for their own gain. The tea party movement has lost its way and we must push back on those who will use us. Recently Washington republicans have created the Tea Party Caucus and as such, we are being looked at as a way to save their jobs. The republicans are attempting to use us to preserve their place and then what? Wasn’t it the republicans and democrats that pushed us into the horrible conditions we, as a nation, are currently in? What makes us think they are going to change just because if us?

The Tea Party was formed to protest the path the current political parties are moving this country. So what is really going on? Their job preservation is their priority. They are not concerned with what we think, they just want our vote. The political parties are attempting to prostitute the Tea Party and use it only to keep their powerbase and pander in an effort to convince us to vote for them. The democrats despise us, the republicans use us and we are falling right into their trap.

The Tea Party must remain unbiased and we should not affiliate ourselves with any particular political party or we will be used and viewed as nothing more than what we currently have in Washington. We know the republicans and Tea party do not see eye to eye. We are being taken over by the political machine and being sold to the highest bidder. Some among us are using the Tea Party as a way to gain power just as Washington is. The grassroots movement is now politically motivated and is moving dangerously close to becoming nothing more than a political party.

We are not a political party but rather we are a group of individuals demanding freedom and liberty. We are demanding our constitution to be restored to the law of the land, instead of being a piece of paper to look at. If the political parties succeed in using us to gain power, we become nothing more than “Code Pink” or “Greenpeace” in red, white and blue clothing. We should never affiliate ourselves with any political party or we will be devoured by them, used by them and thrown away by them.

We are being perverted into something we never were meant to be. Washington and some individuals are power hungry and using us to gain that power. Our movement was never meant to be used by Washington to buy our votes. We become nothing if we allow these actions to continue. We must remain far away from the political machine and clean Washington, not be used by them. The democrats use us as something America is not and the republicans are using us to buy our votes. Are we not Americans who love our country and want the freedoms and liberty our founding fathers envisioned? If so, we will never see that come to fruition if we allow Washington, for whom we wish to clean, to use us and pervert us.