It has been said God created everything and it also has been said we just happened. I don’t know about some of you but to me, the creation is the most logical answer. Let’s look at it one step at a time shall we.

1. God created the heavens and the earth. Now in the Bible the book of Genesis describes what everything looked like before man came into being. It was without form and Gods face was upon the waters. Now to me that says the earth had nothing but water on its surface. Now some versions of evolution say the earth was covered with water. So they agree in that area, which is a tie.

2. Then God separated the waters in a cloud above the earth and on its surface and the atmosphere was born. Evolution is not clear on that but from what I understand about it, the earth developed an atmosphere only after land appeared and algae began producing oxygen. But where did the algae come from? How did it form? Genesis says that God created the grass after he gathered the water in one place and land was produced. So Evolution basically agrees with the Bible on that, but the Bible does say how it was made. So that is one for the Bible.

3. Genesis also declares God created the Sun and the Moon. Now evolutionists say the Sun was created first and the earth was created with the remnants. The evolutionists also say the moon is a part of the earth after a massive collision with another planet like object. There is only one problem with that, the moon is moving away from us at 2.3 cm per year. Now if the Moon is leaving us at that rate, over 100 million years ago the moon would be 75,460 miles closer to the earth. Since the distance of the earth to the moon is approx. 238,857 miles on it’s semi-major axis, that would put the moon somewhere around 163,400 miles at 100 million years ago. At that distance, we would be able to see with a telescope, the vehicles we left there during the moon landings. Tides would raise the oceans almost a quarter of a mile. Also since the measurement is at the semi-major axis, at some point the moon would be even closer to us, causing tides to rise even more. Since evolutionists believe man has been on the earth over 200,000 years, which would put the moon somewhere near 87,937 miles away from earth. Now it seems to me if the moon was that close to the earth, it would actually tear us apart and pull the atmosphere away from earth, since the atmosphere is about 29 mile up. Now it is proven that at one point the gravitation of the earth did cause volcanic activity on the moon but I do not believe anything could have survived the catastrophic reaction of that. So mark one up for the Bible.

4. Charles Darwin wrote a book, a racist one, but they don’t tell you why he wrote that book in the first place. The title of the book was, “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life”. No one seems to mention the rest of the title, wonder why? Charles Darwin could not get past “the Cambrian Explosion”. Where life just popped up almost overnight. . Life just began, not by evolution or gradual change, just boom it was there, fully developed and as always in the Theory of Evolution, never any evidence of any lower chain. Never any evidence of one species changing into another. There is no evidence for this at all, but they claim it to be fact when it is nothing but a theory. One more for the Bible.

If we look at the big picture, there is no evidence that life evolved and there has never been any evidence of it in any record, except for those who want to push the theory as a fact. They teach the “Theory of Evolution” as “Fact of Evolution”, which is a complete lie. There has never been any evidence of evolution, yes they will show one bone and say it is our ancestor, but where is the rest of the body. Over and over again they make up lies to only have someone prove they are not true. But if you were to look inside your child’s school books, they teach it like they have all the proof in the world. No scientist in history has ever found any remains of any change between one species and another. Today they have gotten tired of begin shown wrong so they have begun saying natural selection is proof of evolution. It is not, natural selection is loss of genetic information, not the gain of genetic information.

When we breed dogs to get small dogs, we breed out the large dog and only leave in the small dog to produce a small dog. We cannot reverse the effects once it has been done because the information to make a large dog is lost, but it is still a DOG.

So since the claims have no backing, evolution cannot be treated as a fact. But the Bible, over and over again has prophesy that has been proven to be true. Over and over again, facts of the Bible are shown accurate beyond fault. Since the Bible can be proven accurate and evolution cannot even be proven, what do you believe? Since evolution dictates man came to being from a rock and the Bible say we are created, what do you believe? Since evolution says the Big Bang created everything from nothing and the Bible says it was created by God, what do you believe? Do you believe life is an accident and nothing became everything by accident, or do you believe we were created deliberately?

I believe the latter, we were created and just like “Global Warming”, the scientists just want more of our tax dollars to stay in business and attempt to refute the Bible because they want to be the judge of what is right and what is wrong. Tags: ,,,,