I know what is wrong with healthcare today.

1. Medicaid and Medicare do not pay full price for services and that causes cost to rise on everyone else.

2. The consumer is the consumer of the Insurance companies and not of the doctors.

3. The doctors must pay enormous malpractice insurance; therefore they must charge more and see more patients to cover operation costs.

4. Governments over regulation of the drug manufacturers limit competition in the drug industry.

5. States over regulate mandated coverage some do not need, such as pregnancy and other gender specific policies that some just cannot use but are forced to take.

6. Hospitals are forced to cover illegal immigrants who do not have insurance; they use the hospitals like doctors’ offices.

Possible solutions:

1. Create Government care centers who only take Medicare and Medicaid, use doctors just out of school and allow them to pay back on their college loans by working it off over a course of 5 years or so.

2. Laws should be put in place where insurance companies can ask for three estimates, just like a car repair, and accept the lowest bid for medical services. If the consumer does not wish to take that doctor or service, they can pay the difference in price out-of-pocket. Lowering overall cost and liability to other policy holders.

3. Give the doctors options where the patient must pay all cost of a claim if they should lose the malpractice law suit. Also give the doctors the option for the patient to sign a contract for services where if the patient’s recovery is within the estimated guidelines, they cannot sue. If the doctor does actually cause harm in a way that is not expected, then have a specific settlement already established within that contract.

4. Allow lower cost medications to come from outside the country as long as they are willing to follow procedure in testing. Limit lawsuit exposure for any one company by contract, have a defined amount limit within the contract. If a patient is willing to take the drug and the drug causes harm, cap the recovery. If the patient is not willing to accept the cap, they can just not purchase the drug. Have the pharmacy perform a checklist prior to filling any prescription to insure no drug interactions and also limit possible law suits against the pharmacy. Patients must take more responsibility for their healthcare and not just jump on a drug or doctor just because they are not actually paying for them.

5. Allow insurance companies to prorate policies and customize each policy for the holder. I am a single male and do not need a OB/GYN or Maternity coverage. If someone wants just Major Medical coverage, that is all they must pay for and if someone needs everything, they pay the price for it. Eliminate Doctor Visits from healthcare; when we take the consumer out of the equation, there is no incentive to negotiate for lower prices. Allow insurance companies to get out of paying for office visits if the customer wants to lower their premium.

6. If an illegal immigrant is treated at a hospital, the police should be contacted immediately and the criminal should be taken into custody and returned to their home country for treatment. If the illness is life threatening, treatment should be given and as soon as they can travel, be deported or put on trial and imprisoned. If an illegal immigrant is pregnant, deportation should take place before the child is born. If the child is born in America from an illegal immigrant, that child should not be allowed citizen status. I understand it is hard but if we give our money to pay for illegal’s, then those who want their bills paid should pay them instead of the rest of us.

It is difficult to make the choices that must be made but we either make them or live with the consequences. We are at the breaking point in which we will either return to being a successful country or we become a failed state. We all know the outcome of failed states and freedom is not a part of that choice. If we want our freedoms and rights, the pain starts here and now; we should not force our children to live a life of misery just to please ourselves.

Our forefathers crippled themselves, lost everything they owned and died to insure the next generation had a better life than they had, we should not let it die in vain. If we fail to make the hard choices, then George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin suffered for nothing. All of our soldiers who died in the field of battle, died for nothing. Our parents suffered so we could have, for nothing. We will be known as the generation who stole the birthright away from our children. If we cannot make the hard choices, we are nothing more than thieves who would let a child lay in the streets until they died. Is it not bad enough we kill thousands of innocent babies every year, should be force the rest to suffer for our selfishness?

We can be compassionate and still help others, we just cannot keep doing it like the way we are. We must return the powers back to the states, where we can be close to them and watch over them. Washington is so far away, we cannot even see them unless they want a photo shoot. If the power was put back to the constitutional level, the states would have most of the power.

Look at it this way; Washington takes the money away from Georgia to pay for something in Nevada and Ohio must pay for something in California. Is that the way our constitution was set up? I say it was set up to insure each state an independent government which looks out for themselves and their people, while the rest of the states do the same. Washington attempts to take more power away from the states with each legislation they pass.

The term “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” was not just a catch phrase but the basis of our constitution. Our founding fathers knew a far away power will lose touch with the very people who put them there. They knew the people should be close to those who make the laws and the chain of command should come from near and they control those far off. If we allow Washington to take over 18% of our GDP, what will be next?

Washington has a deaf ear towards us now, give them more power and they might even become blind to us and just eliminate elections all together because the people are too stupid to know who to vote for any way. After all, that is what they think of us now, with the stolen powers they have now. Give them even more and we might become irrelevant.