I have heard many times that God could not be good if he allows bad things to happen to us. I have had very bad times and currently experiencing very bad times, but it is not God who does these things to us, it is our own doing. When God created everything in existence, he did so with rules that govern every aspect of nature. We see explosions in space where stars explode and destroy everything around them, we see volcanoes and tidal waves that destroy everything near them, but is this God? I say it is not God who does these things but rather the overall rules he put in place at creation. We are living here to prepare us for Heaven; what happens here is of no consequence in the overall picture. We are only here to learn what we need to do to be with God.

Since God divorced Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, death and destruction has increased up to the times of Noah. After that time, we have been given a second chance to be prepared. God sent his son to die so that we may live and as such, he reset the rules he created. But why do we suffer with financial problems and heartache? We have been given the rule book to tell us how to live and I say unto you, we are not following it. When we spend too much and not live to prepare us for Heaven, we are following the rules of the world and not Heaven.

If we do what we want and not what God wants us to do, we are living by the rules of the World and so we receive the results of a worldly life. We should not be focused on this world but rather our own lives and the lives of those whom we love. We should focus on what God wants us to do and we reap the results of a Heavenly life. So it really depends on whose rule book you want to play by. I am not perfect and I have played by the worldly rule book most of my life and am just now realizing that my goals and the game I play were not compatible with each other. It is like playing baseball with the Dallas Cowboys on a football field. Is there any wonder why I am losing the game?

We should focus on our family, our prayer life and our values to succeed in our lives. We must teach our children the values of a good Christian home or the State will teach them the values of a worldly home, which is exactly what is happening right now. God is banished from the worldly home and the children are acting like animals. If they are told there is none higher and they are the ruler of their own lives, they will act like it. Taking what they want without regard to others, cheating and steeling without a second thought. Shooting someone because they looked in your direction is expected behavior in worldly lives.

God will bless us if we show we want it; whether we deserve it or not. As long as we work towards a relationship with God, we will receive his blessings upon us and prosper. Teach your children heavenly values and guide them to God because we are not guaranteed a tomorrow and neither are they.

Recently in this world, we have experienced a recession. It was declared a crisis and the beginning of the next great depression. The elite declared the cause was banks, Wall Street and insurance company greed. It began by home mortgage defaults where homeowners were not able to pay the dastardly mortgage payment because banks were forcing them to sign up for homes they could not afford. I say it is our own fault and we allowed this to happen by our own greed. Were the banks to blame for that? Yes and no, we should know what we can afford and what we cannot. Did Wall Street play dangerously? Yes and no, they did make investments in such a way in which seemed to be gambling; but isn’t that what any investment is, a gamble?

We spend more than we receive and so we reap the worldly rewards. We need every want now and cannot wait until we can actually pay for them. We do not wait for God to provide, we provide for our own goals and our own gain, is that not the definition of greed? This country was based on Gods rules for a Heavenly life; we lived by his rule and prospered. But over time we have strayed away and put our faith in a worldly life. The reason America has been the shinning beacon on the hill for so long is simple; we were following the rules of heaven. Why then are we on the verge of becoming a failed state? Simple, we walked away from God.

We no longer wait for God to provide, we don’t have enough time to wait on him and we need it now, not tomorrow. Our own greed is our downfall in this society. We have walked away from God and put our faith in man. Look at other countries that have done that in the past, the USSR, China and many others. When we place our salvation upon our own shoulders we cannot carry on with our lives. The load is too much and we fail; as we fail, our families fail and all subsequent generations fail. I understand the wants of this world and the needs, but I also know the difference. We must work hard for God to help us with our needs and wants, but we must be patient for our wants because our needs must come first.

Our first priority must be our children, we must teach them to work for a heavenly life and not that of a worldly one. As long as we work for this world, we will not prosper. I am reminded of a saying, “The one who dies with the most toys wins”, but what has he won? I am also reminded of this saying, “You cannot take it with you”. To live a worldly life might make you a winner in death, but after that, what will you have.