I keep hearing over and over again about the Tea Party, as if it were a political party. I am here to warn everyone that identifies themselves as a Tea Party member, the politicians are attempting to hijack or attack us. The movement began in frustration by the exact same politicians who are attempting to use us. If we allow them to hijack or attack us, we become nothing more than prostitutes for them to abuse, which is why we started this in the first place.

Remember, our problems are the incumbents who keep spending and taxing while taking our freedoms away at the same time. They have become our rulers instead of our representatives as we hired them to be. I do have a suggestion to help this country and I hope we take them to heart. As with every Tea Party member, we are individuals with the American values that made this country great. We work for our families while helping our neighbors. What we are fighting against is the out of control government who looks down at us with distain.

The constitution limits the power of the federal government, but it seems those in Washington have come to the belief they have unlimited powers. The one area we can make the most impact is the 10th amendment. While the constitution did give the federal government limited powers, the States were not included in those limits outside the Bill of Rights. The States created the federal government, limiting their power and retaining all other powers to the States, if it is not prohibited by the constitution and Bill of Rights.

We must move to protest our State legislatures and Governors to take their rightful place back and to remember the constitution guaranteed each State a republican form of governance. Not a Republican Party form but where the people have most of the control over their own lives. Our founding fathers knew a central government with unlimited powers could not be controlled, but the State where the people could knock on the doors of their representatives could be.

They believed in the powers closer to the people so we could keep them under control. The old saying, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” could not be truer when it comes to government. Government is inherently bad; power hungry people spend Millions upon Millions of dollars for a job that pays $163,000 a year. That alone should throw up red flags. So we should be focusing on our State legislature and Governors who ultimately control how Washington acts.

Over time, congress has changed our constitution in ways that benefit them and them only; the individual Income Tax, which is exactly opposite of what our founding fathers wrote in the constitution. The popular election of Senators, who in the past worked only for the States and represented the State as a whole; now receive money from almost every other State in the union, most from special interest groups like unions, doctors, lawyers, insurance companies and financial companies for their campaigns. Since when did a State Senator need money from a Washington Law firm, who works for someone who does not want to be known.

We cannot change Washington by focusing only on Washington; we must also focus on the Governors and elected officials of our perspective states. They ultimately hold more power than any President or Congress. With 2/3 majority of the States, we could call for a constitutional amendment bypassing Washington completely. They would have no say in the matter if the States call it. We could focus on the FairTax and term limits for Congress and take the power away from our Rulers. The kings and queens in Washington believe they can do anything they want without impunity.

But it is up to us to convince our state governments to do what is their constitutional right. When the States begin to fight back from the unfunded mandates that cause your property tax and other taxes to shoot through the roof, believe me, Washington will start listening.

So keep it up but remember we are independents, we belong to no party as a whole and we are democrats, republicans, independents and libertarians. We are Americans and should not allow the political parties to rape us as they have for so many decades. Remember, what better way to control the decent than to absorb them or make them look like idiots. Stop flying flags that make us look bad, but remain true to our beliefs. We must not give them ammunition to make us look bad.

Work on the States, keep our heads high and never, ever give up. America did not become great because of her government, she became great because of people like you and every other member of the Tea Party. It makes me proud to be an American when I see so many Americans speaking out about the founding fathers fundamental values. We will get through this but remember to call your Governor and State Legislature today, not tomorrow but today. We cannot make as much noise with our voice alone as we can when the States begin to join us. We need them on our side and I believe it will not take much convincing.

The 10th Amendment is not there just so we can have the 11th Amendment.