What we need is a new philosophy in Washington; I can hear the speech of a great President now:


“My fellow Americans, I am here to announce that I am running for President of the United States. My first job will be to get the FairTax enacted, where every industry in the world can come here without paying high taxes. Now I know some of you think Big Business is evil, but I am here to say, no man has ever received a job from a poor man. When others find out they can come here and pay good money for jobs while not being forced to charge taxes on their products, I believe millions of businesses will be knocking on our door within hours. We currently have the second highest tax rate in the world and we all know businesses do not pay taxes; the consumer pays those taxes in the form of higher prices. So in fact prices will come down while employment skyrockets. I firmly believe almost every industry will house their offices here and millions upon millions of jobs along with them. You will be allowed to keep 100% of your paycheck and only insurance and other voluntary deductions that you choose will be taken out of your pay check. No longer will Washington be allowed to tax and spend you out of house and home. You will dictate how much tax you will pay, drug dealers, prostitutes and everyone else who has bypassed the system for decades will no longer be able to hide their income, they will pay according to what they buy atthe consumer level.  

The next thing I will do is to eliminate the Social Security tax. I will stop taking yourmoney with the hope you might see 10% of it in your lifetime. We will not stop Social Security for those who currently receive it. We will cut spending in other areas and make a constitutional amendment that the money will go to Social Security and only Social Security and related expenses like Medicare and Medicaid. Once everyone is off of Social Security, that money will be distributed to every single tax payer, which will be every citizen in America. I believe Social Security should have never been started and it has crippled this nation. We cannot end it while there are Americans who depend on it for their survival, that is the problem, they depend on Social Security and the Government and not plan properly; but once they are gone, no new people will be allowed in. We will then allow our Citizens to opt into an investment of their choosing, private only.

I will also push the state Governors to call for a constitutional amendment for the sole  purpose of enacting term limits for every member of congress. The states created the federal government, so they should not be servants to something they created. I understand if every American is scared of what I proclaim, but we must return this country back to the greatest nation this planet has ever seen. Our corrupt politicians have played our system and those who benefit are in Washington and those who suffer are on Main Street. This will end.  The government by the people, for the people will once again work for the people as they work for themselves and their family members. The kicking the can down the road only to have our children pay the price is over, it will hurt a little, but do we want a better life for our children or will we keep being selfish and live off our children’s future? I say we are Americans and we can and will survive, we must. We are better than what we have been doing and if you want business as usual, vote for someone else. 

Thank you and may God bless you and your family.”


If you believe we need a change, what type of change do you want? Do you want to squander our children’s future or do you want to take the hit and allow our children to live free and prosperous?

If you love your children, pass this on.



If you want the Give-me, Give-me lifestyle, then don’t and reap what you sow.