If I were President, what I would do:


1.    Recall some of our Military that are not really necessary in foreign countries like those in Europe. Some of them might be necessary to allow a platform if needed, but most can come home. When they do come home, I will give some in our military an option. They can either serve the rest of their term or be allowed an early out with the caveat that they move to a boarder state and serve in the border patrol while serving in the National Guard in that state with the recall option.  

2.   I would encourage the Governors of the States to call a constitutional convention to enact the FairTax and term limits for congress. At the same time, I will push Congress to enact the FairTax and volunteer to enact term limits. We can phase out Social Security after the FairTax is enacted so that we can stop taxing our citizens for something they will never see anyway.

3.   I will push to pass a law that will cut the Federal Budget by 5% above the inflation rate, every year until we have our National Debt paid off. While the mandatory spending such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and most all welfare programs will be phased out over 10 years. I believe by then if you can work, you will have a good job. For those who truly are unable to work, we will fulfill our obligation to you until you pass away. But as of the date of the law, no new enrollments of welfare programs will be allowed. We are Americans and we do want to be fair so those who become disabled after that date will be allowed to work for the government answering phones or doing something they are capable of doing. Even a blind person can answer a phone; a person who has no legs can work a typewriter. If we spend the money to help you live, you can do what you can to help us help you. There will be some exceptions but those will be extreme.

4.   I will remind the courts that we should not look at the laws to see if the constitution follows them, we look at the laws and see if they follow the Constitution.

5.   The Federal Department of Education will be terminated and the responsibility for the schools will be returned solely to the States, where the Constitution dictates it should be.

6.   I will push for a law that no unions will be allowed within any government agency. They work for the government, not the unions. If the unions want to stay in business, do it like everyone else does, in the private sector. Also all pay scales will follow those of the private sector. If a job pays $12 an hour in the private sector, they will no longer receive $20 an hour in the public sector job.

7.   I will sit with every Governor and legislature of every state and work out a plan to return the powers that have been stolen from them by the Federal Government.

8.   I will work with private businesses to insure they play in a fair manner and let them know if they play dirty, they go under like everyone else. The era of the “Bailouts” is over and we will wave bye, bye to them as they fall. Responsibility falls on every one of us and if we fail, get back up and try again but learn by your mistakes.

9.   I will cut my pay in half and if after my first term things are not turning in the right direction, I will not run for a second term.