God created the heavens and the Earth,

God created the creatures that crawl, walk and swim.

God Created Adam, Adam was created so God can walk and take care of him.

Adam was not satisfied with that so God created Eve. They sinned against God and God put them out of Eden. Death had not been known and now is the burden of all humanity.

God was not satisfied with the direction of man, so he spoke to Abraham and declared this children would rule Israel and that the land was theirs. But Abraham was not sure and trusting of God to give him children so he had a child with his wife’s maiden. God was not happy about that but fulfilled his promise to Abraham which did not make his first son happy. God gave rights to both children of different mothers but still did not make them happy; Ishmael whose children became the Arabs and Isaac whose children became the Jewish people, God’s chosen people.

God was not happy with man so he commanded Noah to build a great ship. On it he was to carry two of each kind of animal. Then God created a great flood and destroyed man and his sinful ways.

God loves us and wants us to be with him but we cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven dirty with sin. The sin that Adam passed down onto the world.

The Israelites became enslaved and God gave them Moses, he led them from bondage but that did not make them happy. They were suffering and wanted to return to bondage. Moses when onto the mountain and on his return he found idols of worship, in Moses’ hands he held the laws of God, the Ten Commandments. Moses was so unhappy about the idols of false Gods he threw the tablets onto the ground and destroyed them. He went upon the mountain once again and returned with the new tablets of God’s laws.

God could not get man to behave as he wanted them to. To be in Heaven we must be clean of sin. We did not like Eden, We did not like waiting for a child, we did not listen to God’s laws and even washing us almost out of existence did not change our ways.

How could God clean his children so they can be with him in Heaven? How could God show us how to act and what we should do? So God sent an ambassador to show us, he sent his only son to be born of a woman, live as a man and die for us so we may live.

The easy way to think of Jesus is to think of a filter, he stands between us and God and to get to God we must pass though him and as we do, we become clean, bright and new. Jesus came to this world to do what we refused to see. He lived the life God wants for all of us and he provided the only option left if we are to spend eternity with God.

Man in his selfish nature will always follow the ways of the world, unless we become clean and full of the Holy Ghost. Once we have become clean, living the life God wants of us is not that hard; full of tribulations and temptations we will never see the end of, God decided to clean us the only way he could. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, we can finally belong to and spend eternity with God.

God gave us free will; he did not make a mistake when we failed him. He has always known we would fail and he also knew that by failure, we would grow. It is us who has failed but through Jesus Christ all of our misbehaviors have been forgiven and we can be clean. God also knew there would be those who would refuse him; those who would rather follow the path of the world and forsake their own souls.

This world and our bodies are just places for our souls to grow, a cocoon for which we change into something more. We are not random creatures and there is nothing random about our universe. Ask any scientist if our universe is totally random. They may say yes but then ask them if the universe has an order. They too will say yes; but I ask you, have you ever even heard of something random with an order? I think not. Scientist say our world is billions of years old, but the Bible tells us it is not. Neither person was actually there but the Bible is divine and therefore must be correct.

Dinosaurs also known as Dragons were in the Bible, the history of man is in the Bible and science is in the Bible. Check out Kent Hovind at http://www.drdino.com/ or http://creationmuseum.org/about/ to see the facts. You will enjoy this immensely.