Is Santa Clause The Reason For The Season? Well of course not, then why do we teach our children that he is? We teach our children that Santa is Christmas and the Easter Bunny is Easter, do you wonder why they have a problem believing when they grow up? If I said that you could never start your own business and started teaching that to you when you were young, do you think that child would ever start his/her own business? No, they would never even try. But we teach our children that Santa Clause is real and we also teach that Jesus Christ is real, but when they reach an age, we tell them that Santa is not real. Will they have doubts about Jesus Christ? Well of course they will. What you teach a small child is what they live by.

Is there any wonder why our Churches are almost void of children and young people? A child depends on the parents to teach them what they will need to survive and also the value system in which that child will live. Did you know most people in America celebrate Christmas? But almost one third of them don’t believe or are not Christians? Why is that? Because they are taught that Christmas is about presents and Santa Clause and Jesus Christ is just in there somewhere. Christmas has become a day to spoil the children and to eat candy and cake. The entire Christmas picture is no longer about the birth of Jesus Christ but about selfish indulgent behavior.

I do not wish to point a finger but always remember that a child believes everything his/her parents tell them. So when you celebrate Christmas always put Jesus Christ where he should be, up front and center. Christianity is in danger and being attacked at every front, don’t help them by telling a lie to your children and expect them to believe the rest of what you say.