In the early 1700’s our nation was under the control of a monarchy. The taxes were going up; the people were being harassed and told what they could and what they could not do. This did not sit well with them and the outcome was the War of Independence. We declared our independence in 1776 and after a war, we became the United States. The States controlled what happened within each state while under the Articles of the Federation gave the congress of the confederation the powers to make treaties and to make a few regulations between the States.

In 1787, the signing of the U.S. Constitution perfected our form of Government. The States maintained control while the Federal Government had limited authority, to regulate between the States, to make treaties, to tax, to make laws, coin money (Which they gave away to the Federal Treasury) and just a few more things. None of which are to tell the people what they must buy, how much money they can make or to purchase corporations with taxpayer dollars. Nowhere in the constitution does it give Washington the authority to be involved in our children’s education. Nowhere in the constitution does it give Washington the authority for bailouts, healthcare, nationalizing companies, or most of what they have started doing since the 1930’s.

The Senate was designed to be appointed by the states to represent the States interest, not the people’s interests. The Governor and legislature of each state are responsible for the interests of the people along with their representatives in the House of Representatives. As a result of corruption, Congress amended the Constitution and the people began to elect the Senator’s from their states along with their representatives in the House.

Now both houses of congress must please the people to be re-elected. To do so, they have begun taking from those who have and give to those who do not have. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”, this is straight out of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. So in reality, we have been a Socialist country since the 1930’s. So since Socialism cannot have a free market, we do not have one.

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are charter agents of Congress that buy mortgages and provide regulations. A bank can make only the loans they have capital for, so they sell these mortgages to Freddie, Fannie and others, and in return, the banks can continue to make loans. Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and the Fair Housing Law created loans for those who could not afford a home in any way. They provided no money down loans and focused loans into lower income areas, where most of the initial foreclosures came from. Because almost anyone could buy a home, the values of these homes grew over two decades. So it was Washington that began the problem and most every problem our society faces today.

Today we are hearing that capitalism is evil and we need to eliminate it, I say to you, if we eliminate the system we have now, we will be a totalitarian society and the people slaves to the government. We have slowly “Fundamentally” changed this country over the past 60 years. The final nail in the coffin of America is, allowing Washington to achieve their goals while they have total control. Haven’t you noticed that the central theme of government now is to provide for you “Cradle to Grave”? Compare what you know in your heart to be true to what Washington is doing today. Do you want to be fined $1,000 if you do not have health insurance? Do you want the Government dictating to you what you should buy? Our Founding Fathers lived through this exact same thing, they decided to create a new country, and I don’t think they knew how weak the American people would become. Ask your child anything about the Constitution, I bet they know almost nothing about it. Government controlled schools can be thanked for that. It is not the system they want to eliminate, it is the Constitution. The people in Power now are directly violating our constitution with almost every bill they pass. Congress even thinks it is funny that the American people want them to read the bills. They think it is funny that we protest, they think it is funny that we want to see the bills before they pass them. They will tell you themselves the American people are not smart enough to understand them anyway, that part is most likely true, sad to say. The end to a free America is closer than you might think, Washington has become our Rulers and not our representatives.