I know the title to this blog is a little extreme but is it? I started researching President Obama back around April of 2008; in that time he said he wanted to cause power bills to skyrocket,



end coal power plants,


cut defense spending, redistribute the wealth, have the Supreme Court rule by class instead of the constitution  and take the American healthcare system away from private hands and put it under the authority of the Federal Government.  To create a Civilian Security Force equal to the military, why would we need a National Civilian Security force equal to our military?



Now are you beginning to see the reason for the title of this blog? 

Karl Marx wanted these exact same things, to eliminate private companies, to give the lower class all of the power, to give ultimate authority in a single government to insure the greedy did not have anything someone else did not; “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”.  This is not what we are about, we are better than that, we are a country where everyone should be treated equally but equal results are not what our founding fathers wanted. If everyone is equal in outcome, then no one can surpass anyone else, meaning that everyone will be as high as the lowest common denominator.  Everyone will be equally poor, if person “A” does not want to work hard to succeed, then no one can have anything more than person “A” has because that would be unfair, that is equal results.

ACORN lives by these rules, anything goes as long as everyone is equal and if they are not equal, they will drive up to your driveway in busses and picket in your front yard, like they did during the AIG scandal.

AIG Tour Bus:http://action.workingfamiliesparty.org/t/3865/signUp.jsp?key=2219

Think, use your brain and open your eyes before Congress passes all of your children’s money to these people, they already purchased GM and most of the banks. Now Nancy Pelosi is talking about TARP II, another bailout program they are calling “Safety Net”,


notice the word " Safety net" because you will hear it a lot in the next few months.

So much for Freedom of the Press.