I have been watching the History Channel tonight and something very disturbing has come to light. During a disaster, a shadow government would be created and run by unelected officials should our President and elected officials die. You should watch this show called, “Day of Destruction”. It assigns a government of sub cabinet civil service employees who will run our government.

I believe this should be brought to light and changed to have the Governors of the States assign who will represent each state in Washington. The way things are done now; the American citizens would be put under martial law that would end the republic forever. I believe the correct way to do this would be to have the states make the decisions who runs the country, not politicians in Washington who are dead. The way things are done now, if our elected officials are dead, a committee would be formed to run the country. I don’t like the idea that unelected officials have total control over our country and would result in the end to the constitution.

If the States made those decisions, not all governors and legislators in each state would be dead and therefore, they would still be answerable to the people, just like a republic should be. The voice of the people would be silenced if “COG” is placed into affect. Why should Washington still control if the elected officials are dead? I believe the 10th Amendment would apply to this as well. As a matter of fact, I believe that is the best way to conduct such a plan in the event that we are attacked by nukes.

It is an abomination to our constitution to allow unelected officials to rule this country. The States should really be in control according to the second amendment, but we have allowed Washington to take that away from us and in the event of a Nuke, our Republic will cease to exist if we do not change COG. Disaster preparedness is necessary but according to the U.S. Constitution, the States have the powers, not the Federal Government but we have allowed Washington to have it all. The end result is the end of our republic permanently. You think we are in trouble now, if we have another attack we might lose every right we have. Remember, it is not the Government that gave us the Constitution; it was the People who gave our Government limited authority over the States, who have authority over the people within those states.

Our Constitution is a limited agreement to govern and can be revoked by the majority of the States. Our government does not give us anything, we give Washington the authority it has and as long as we allow it to keep taking authority it does not have in the Constitution, soon the states will be gone and we will be under rule instead of being free.