Obama’s Plan for Change:


Changing the Census:

Obama has control over the census, which means if you disagree with him he can manipulate the numbers so you either lose or gain seats in the House of Representatives. 






Changing the Defense:

Obama has forced the Pentagon members to sign secrecy agreements in which hides what money is going to what departments and what they are doing to our defense. Not even Congress will know. 





Changing the White House Rules:

Obama is changing the way the White House works; he is allowing his Cabinet to assign their duties to czars in the White House, in which Congress cannot summon before them. Now Congress cannot summon the very people in the White House that are pushing policies and therefore Congress will be blind to anything that Obama does.




Spending and Transparency:

Obama plans to spend $1.5 Trillion dollars in one Month. Yes the spending will be over time but in Obama’s first month, he has spent twice as much as the entire War in Iraq has cost us. Transparency to Obama is as was the Stimulus Bill, no one can read the legislation nor can they see where it is going.

Has Obama kept his promises?

Do you see a pattern here?

I do, I see Obama attempting to hide everything he does while at the same time telling the people the exact opposite of what he is doing.


Obama is attempting to set up our government to become a