For years now, the matter of personal gun ownership has been debated. The US Supreme Court has ruled that the “Individual” has the right to keep and bear arms. Therefore, you think your gun is safe. Do you think the Federal Government is through trying to regulate gun ownership? You are sadly mistaken,

The Supreme Court said that we could have guns and the Government cannot restrict that; but wait a minute, President-Elect Obama said he believes in regulating guns heavily. He has voted for gun bans in Illinois and has said many times that he wants guns regulated to the fullest extent they can be. Now to me that is saying that they are working on creative ways to ban guns without banning guns, which they cannot due to the ruling by the Supreme Court.


I am predicting that Obama will not only regulate guns to the extreme but also he will ban ammunition completely and without exception. The Constitution says that we can have guns, but it does not say one word about bullets for those guns.

Notice how he used Private Property in that Video, the Supreme Court ruled that the State can take your property with just compensation for ANY PURPOSE, even to make a contractor very rich. So Private Property rights really do not exist any longer, yet Obama wants us to think it does and uses that as an example of regulating guns, how quaint.



Why do we need a Private Security Force that is Equally Funded and Equally Equipped as our US Military? Why do we need a Private Security Force that will NOT have any Constitutional Controls and will answer only to Obama? Hitler and Mussolini used that tactic before in the Brownshirts and Blackshirts respectively.

During the Clinton Administration (Which is what we have coming back into power), they banned assault rifles, that was any gun that looked like it would hurt someone. Any gun that looked like it could be used to defend themselves against the Federal Government. Most of the Assault Rifles were regular guns with fancy stocks to make them look more ominous then they really were. They regulated gun magazines that carried large number of rounds (15 – 30). However, that was just the tip of the iceberg, they learned that they could ban parts and stay within the law. They found that they could ban certain types of guns, magazines and parts without any outcry from the people; giving them a free pass to write legislation to ban everything but the gun itself.

What is in store for us with the new Clinton Administration? We know that Nancy Pelosi and the rest in Congress want our guns removed. We know that Obama wants our guns removed. Watch Congress closely in the first year for major gun legislation and when it passes, with a overwhelming majority, we will be able to do nothing but sit back and wait for the inevitable.