Tonight the American people have spoken, whether you agree with it or not we must face the inevitable. President elect Obama has stated his direction he wants to take America and one thing we can expect him to do that he did not mention is censorship. He has demonstrated during the last weeks of this election that if you do not follow his rules, then you are destroyed (Joe the Plumber, The News Media that interviewed Biden and the Media that Obama had kicked off his plane).

I have presented my argument and failed; I tried as much as I can but as I have said many times before, once you gain control over the children you have complete control. This explains why our education system is 24 in the world and although I am glad that a black man has achieved the office of the President, I only wish it had not been a radical Socialist to do it.

Over the next few years, you will see that what I have said will come to pass and that America will never be the same again. I have said that Obama wanted to install Supreme Court Justices that judge based on what is right for the poor and not what is right for all. Not what the constitution says about it but what will only benefit the poor and the others that fall into that class. Expect that class to grow exponentially over the next four years while the Middle Class disintegrates into nothingness.

Tonight, the prayer vigils in Kenya and the parties will abound. The world wanted Obama to be President and they received their dreams, could that be good for us?

That remains to be seen but after everything that Obama has said that he would do, cut the defense budget, stop research and development of new weapons and defense systems. It cannot be good at all.

We must live with the decision and I can predict that unemployment will reach to 10% by April 2009. Obama wants to create a Civilian Security Force equally funded with out Military and under no constitutional controls but only answerable to Obama himself. Bankrupt our Coal Industries and Electric Industries that will increase our energy bills by approximately 400%. Unless he was lying about all of this, we are in for a long four years; that is if he is not reelected or has the constitution rewritten so he can stay in power for ever.



Bankrupt Coal Industries and Energy Prices Shyrocket


Changing America And Leave The Ways Of Our Founding Fathers


I introduce the President of the World.