America was founded on individual freedoms; yet they are under attack by the left. Is this the America that our founding fathers desired when they wrote the Declaration of Independence that embodied every person’s right to believe, as they will? Is this the America where, freedom of speech is suppressed because of political correctness? The America that our founding fathers envisioned was the America where the individual worked hard to provide for his family and where our government stayed out of the way.

Today we have a real dilemma; Joe Wurzelbacher is being personally attacked for daring to ask Senator Obama a question. This question exposed Senator Obama’s real agenda to spread the wealth, which is nothing more than Socialism. Because of this fact, Joe is now the focus of Obama’s hit squad and they are tearing him to pieces. It has been said that Joe’s question was illegitimate because Joe does not have a plumber’s license and that Joe owes the IRS back taxes.

The last time I looked, this was America and I did not realize that there were qualifications that must be met before asking a Presidential candidate a question. It looks like the Democrats, that claim to work for the working class, only work for a specific working class and plumbers are not in that class.

The Liberal Media deluged Joe’s neighborhood with TV trucks, investigated his background, and check his tax records. Why did they do this? It is because the Democratic Party has become a Party of Socialist ideals and censorship. How dare he ask the Candidate a question! It has become a party where you follow the party line, or you will be destroyed; this is the prime example of that. This is the land of the free, or so I believed. This is the land of liberty, so I was led to believe. However, it seems that freedom and liberty only apply if you follow the party line.

Did the TV trucks invade William Ayer’s neighborhood after McCain focused on Senator Obama’s connection with him, no. But why is that do you think? William Ayer’s is a self-admitted homegrown terrorist; he admitted that he took part in the bombings of police stations and in Washington. It is because the agenda of the left is obvious; Senator Obama has a plan and the media worships that plan. Poor Joe is a simple working class man that dared to ask the Messiah a question. Joe was not of the quality that embodies the Democrat party.

The Democrat Party declares that they are representing the worker. However, this is evidently not the case; if it were, Joe would not be in this position right now and his life would not be under a microscope. The Liberal Democrats are using Joe as a distraction from the words that Senator Obama used when he answered that question. They are destroying Joe the Plumber’s life to prevent the true intentions of Senator Obama and the lefts agenda from becoming common knowledge.

That agenda is redistributing the wealth of hard working Americans in an effort to engineer our social structure.

It has been said that McCain did not vet Joe enough and because of that, McCain is once again shown in a bad light. However, it is no ones responsibility to vet a citizen of the United States of America before asking a presidential candidate a question and before showing to the people of America exactly what the democrats are doing to him personally. Is this better than what we have in office now, no! America is not a socialist country, we are a capitalistic society where hard work and dedication is expected, and the rewards of that hard work are respected.

Joe did nothing wrong, all he did was his duty as an American citizen to find out the facts and to make the proper decisions based on those facts. But why destroy Joe? Senator Obama said, “I want to spread the wealth around”. That statement speaks volumes about Senator Obama’s agenda in wealth redistribution. He plans to reduce taxes on 95% of Americans. However, have you ever noticed that he never says “taxpayers” it is always “Americans”? The reason for that is he plans to give a tax cut to the 40% of Americans who “do not pay taxes”. He is planning to increase welfare and he is going to take that money from you and give it to someone else.

I do not know about the rest of you, but I for one want to keep as much of my hard earned money as I can. I do not mind paying taxes, just my share to operate the government. I do not believe that it is the government’s job to force me to pay to operate someone else’s home.

And that, is the reason Joe the Plumber is under attack.