The American Problem is explained perfectly through the Cloward Piven strategy.

It is a plan that causes chaos through design and it also will explain why we are about to have Barack Obama as the President of the Untied States and a filibuster proof Congress. The Democrats are going to have the perfect storm for social and philosophical “CHANGE”.

Everyone should read this.  Obama has too many links to people and
groups that want to destroy America, our government and our way of life
for it to be a coincidence.

If you are voting for Obama because you think he is the candidate of
‘change’, be careful what change you wish for.  Not all change is good!
Obama has been part of the for most of his professional life.  Do a Google search on Cloward Piven and it should scare you do death!

The Cloward Piven Strategy is a plan to cause social and political change through the design of orchestrated destruction. Create a problem; make it worse so the people demand that that government take action to change. In this case, it is change from a Capitalist society to a Socialist society. Read the following links and research it yourself; I believe that it explains everything that we have been seeing.

These are just a few links that will give you an overview of what exactly America is facing today.

Step by step of what is going on, it cannot be denied that this is their plan, the scary thing is, it is working.