I went to Washington to serve the people.

I saw the Christian carvings there on the steeple,

I saw the large books; I saw the strange looks,

However, here I am among all these crooks.


I walked down the isle and I saw one smile,

It seemed like a mile because it took a while

For me to see, what was in store for me

I must confess this is such a mess,

I am now a member of the US Congress.


My job is simple, I must confess

All I do is vote with the rest

I come home 10 times a year

So my constituents can fill my ear

I love this job, I must confess,

Being a Member of the US Congress.


Now its time to break ranks,

This bill cannot pass, because it stinks

But what will they say, will I still be

A member in standing of this Party.


I cannot vote, should not vote

I cannot hope this bill will float

Now I see why there will always be

Party politics in Washington DC.


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