We are at a crossroad where we must decide if we want freebies or we want freedom. I have not heard one single plan from Obama nor McCain that sounds like either one of them know what to do or what not to do for that matter. Can we rely on these politicians who are influenced by campaign contributions in the Hundreds of Millions of dollars?

I say no; we cannot depend on them to work for you and me. I have heard throughout my life “I will work for the people”, “I will soak the RICH” garbage and I have decided that neither one of them are worth my time or trouble to elect them.

Here is what we hear from Obama, “I will do everything for the people to help keep them in their homes”, does that sound like someone who even has a clue as to what is going on? He says,’ I will make it easier to file bankruptcy so you can keep your home”. How does allowing hundreds of thousands of people to default on their debt any different from the bailouts we are dealing with now? That is what caused this in the first place. He has no idea of what the problems are, or he is trying to make you think he does while he continues to take campaign contributions from the same people who we are now bailing out.

 Obama bought and paid for.

Hear is what we hear from McCain, “I know that the economic fundamentals are strong”. Well he is right, the basic fundamentals of the American economy is based on the people who work and the people who control. However, deregulation is not the problem and deregulation will not stop the problem. He says, “We should not bail out the CEO’s or traders that created this economic problem” I agree with that, but Senator McCain; what do you want to do about it? He is against the bailout but recognizes that it is unavoidable to insure that the economy can rebound. But I have not heard one single plan from him.

McCain bought and paid for.

Neither Obama nor McCain have a plan; they do not even want to address the real problem here. The real problems come from the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. The real problems come from the ability for someone to buy a Senator or a Congressman. Those who regulate themselves often times deregulate more than regulate.

This problem is not about Wall Street; this problem is not about the American people. This problem is about how our government oversteps its bounds and interferes in the daily activities of the American people. This problem is about how our ELECTED representatives are bought and paid for with public bribe money and they work for the people who have the most money.

Our elected officials should not have the ability to accept bribe money. The campaign contributions should be limited and each candidate should not be allowed to collect over 20 million dollars. Then the system will be open for third parties and then the system will work for America and not for special interests.

By limiting special interests groups’ ability to pay for a candidate, we open the election process to other parties that want to get into the fray. We must stop these $200 Million dollar campaign contributions and put the elected official to work for us, not them.

We must stop the purchasing of our elected officials now, NO incumbents.