America was created as a Republic, which means that the States rule the Federal Government. But what happened, why are we not designed that way anymore? Well, it could be that when the “Great Society” programs began, the citizens of America began to want the government to do everything for them. What are the consequences of this?

The reason that the States were to run the Federal Government was because that put the representatives within reach of everyone in that district. That put them directly accountable to the people who they represented and they could hear and support the people they were hired to represent. But what happened? Why does the Congress not listen to the people they represent anymore?

Once the Federal Government learned that they could tax the people with unlimited taxes, they began to supply money to the States at rates that the States alone could not produce. Along with these tax dollars came strings that dictated how the states could use this money. From there, they learned that they could control the schools as well. Once they took control over the schools, they had control over the children and when you have the next generation of voters under your control; you indoctrinate them into believing that the government is good and it also creates a future voter base from which you could maintain power indefinitely.

In our society today, the Federal Government controls everything and that is disaster waiting to happen. Through the education system, they do not teach history that shows the evils of a large out of control government. They do not teach that we are a Republic; most adults today do not know that we are a republic and they could not tell you what a republic is. What they teach is that it is the responsibility of our Federal Government to control the states and it is their duty to provide for everyone. This is a Socialist doctrine that our founding fathers explicitly did not mean for us to become. But why did we and what can we do to stop it?

The American education system is approximately 24th in the world. The term “dumbed down” is now a reality and the people of America do not realize what they have become. Lenin said,” give me four years with the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted”. It seems that this has become a reality and the more socialist our country gets, the more its citizens like it. Our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves. There is only one way to put an end to this inevitable Communist takeover; that is to use your vote and not re-elect anyone in Congress. But some of them have been there for over 40 years and they have connections. The people do not want them gone, they want them to continue to do what they have been doing because, the American people have become slaves to the government. They blame the dubious conduct on the President and do not understand that our President is limited in his/her roll; all the while, our congress is not.

It is inevitable that we become Communist because there are not enough citizens left that want personal responsibility. We are spending ourselves out of existence and once we reach the pivotal point, the government will have no other choice but to take everything over and control it. The first steps are in the takeover of private companies and creating a hatred for wealth. That has been going on for decades and now we see the takeover of over 70% of all home mortgages in America. What better way to take private property than to control these mortgages. Soon the government will control and takeover other businesses at a quicker pace until either the companies are no longer in America or they are under complete control of the Federal Government. We are already seeing thousands of businesses leaving America for greener pastures everyday and that will continue until all are gone or run by the government (the people). The term (The People) in a socialist or communist government is in fact the government itself.

Until we clean Washington out and show politicians that we will no longer accept these types of policies, we will end up communist. Our citizens do not even know how our government works, so how can they know what is being taken over if they don’t even know the proper roll of our government in the first place? Once again, the takeover of the schools has blinded the American people and the only chance of stopping this downhill slid into communism.