In recent days I have noticed that America is buying out businesses that should fail. With Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, America has finally become a Socialist State. A Socialist State is a government system that is attempting to obtain control of all production and private property and put it in the hands of the People (Government), Once they have achieved this, the next move is to move to Communism, (a complete control over all production and private property under the direct control of the government).

How did this happen? First, the government slowly took control over the public schools and began a systematic approach to teach values, love for the government and entitlements in the children. This has been going on for decades and now the children of this “Great Experiment” have become the parents and voters. They vote for entitlements, they believe that it is the government’s responsibility to raise their children and they believe that all government is good and we cannot live without it.

We have elected officials that will promise to redistribute and punish those who achieve wealth. They have created envy and hatred towards anyone who has more than they do and they want (no they demand) that the government punish those who are greedy and obtain more than their fair share. Hard work has been abandoned for entitlements and equality means that everyone should be equal to the lowest of the low.

We have Senators and Representatives in Washington that believe that it is their job to buy your vote. They want to be re-elected and they have developed a system of dependants that are dedicated and cannot survive without them. America is the preverbal Nanny State.

Through out history we have seen this over and over again; yet, our history books in schools have been censored until it does not resemble anything it once did. We are under a metamorphosis where life as our ancestors knew it, does not exist. It will not be long before our government takes the auto makes, the Airlines and any other business that is failing over and put it under the direct control of our government.

Our free market system was designed to allow businesses that did not make the proper decisions to fail while creating new businesses that do make the proper decisions to prosper. But because our government has interfered so much in the system, it does not work anymore. Why is this do you think? It is because the people in Washington know that the more they control the more control they have over your life. That is why they do not care about the budget and the National Debt. They keep spending and we keep electing them back into office. Effectively telling them that we like what they are doing and to keep doing it.

In November, America has two choices to make. We can re-elect these morons and let them destroy America and keep pushing her down the road to Communism, or we can clean house and try to return America back to the real owners, the people. Not the “People” like in a Socialist government, but the real people, you and me.