In the world of the left wing, money is evil, government is good and personal achievement should be stifled. Here is where social engineering means that you make everyone subservient to the social God known as government. Here is where the middle class has been attacked and eliminated. That is the world of the left wing.

Where every problem is solved by the glorious government and every need is met with respect and admiration. This is the world where everything is accepted except personal responsibility and Judeo-Christian values. Here is where the babies are killed and the terrorists are praised. This is the Socialist utopia that everyone has so longed for.

Where class warfare is no more, where the two classes are content to live apart and the Elite rule the uneducated, underfed and uncouth commoners. Life is great here, the rice is a little grainy but edible and the steaks are tender. Where the only limit to ones life is the gate that locks them in when they are not working for the elite.

This is the life of the left; this is the grand world that they have worked so hard for. While the rest of the world is in disarray, they are safe knowing that the Grand Illusion will protect them.