When I was young I believed that all politicians were idiots and I still do to this day. But the people who surround them are the real ones that are brilliant manipulators of public opinion. They spend their lives learning what triggers reaction and what triggers complacency.

These two key factors determine if you vote for someone or not. The reaction trigger will get the crowd fired up and chanting, while the complacency trigger gives them a sense of ease and fulfillment. This election cycle has show that the complacency trigger is in full use. Our Congress has an approval rating of approximately 9%, the lowest in history, yet under normal cycles the minority would be gaining seats. This cycle however, it is just the opposite.

Congress seems to be gaining seats in the majority democrat arena. What does this mean about the direction of our country? Usually when it is clear who will win the Presidential election, the natural forces of our political system correct and elect the opposing party as majority of congress. Could this be a premonition of things to come and does it point to the next president? That is unclear, but one thing that is clear is that business as usual is going to change.

We have, like most elections, completely ignored congresses election this year. We must remember that congress holds the purse of America and congress holds the power to change our Constitution and our rights as Americans. Unlike the president, congress is in control over our freedoms, our rights and our pursuit of happiness. There are a lot of people, who believe that the president holds these powers, but it is congress that makes laws, it is congress that spends the money and it is congress that has the authority to manipulate our Constitution, not the president.

Our president controls policy, he holds the compass of America and that is about all. The president has the ultimate authority to control our military and foreign policy. It is our president that requests how the congress spends our tax dollars and it is the president that manipulates economic policy. But the most dangerous of powers is in the control of congress.

Congress has the sole power to tax, congress has the sole power to fund government business and it is congress who declares war. Just remember when you vote for your congressman, you are voting for your basic rights as an American citizen. Congress at its whim can completely rewrite our constitution and they create most of our problems.

An example of how Congress manipulates you is when a Congressman tells the public that the president wants to cut spending on a program. When in reality, he is only cutting the amount of growth of that program. Example: The budget for child care is $470 Million dollars and the next year’s budget is for $520 Million dollars. If the president cuts the growth by $20 Million dollars, Congress will tell you that the president cut the total budget by $20 Million dollars, but what they imply is that he cut the $450 Million to $430 Million, when in reality he cut the $520 Million to $500 Million. Giving the total budget an increase of $50 Million dollars. But Congress will imply that he cut the budget all the while the budget increased by $50 Million. Should we really trust someone who will deceive us like that?

Remember, everything that our government does come from Congress. There is nothing that our government can do without having congress approve it. Absolutely nothing. Congress has to approve it, make a law for it or create regulation for it. The president only requests it and congress makes it up and if the president wants it bad enough, he will sign it. But Congress runs the everyday activities of our government, not the president.

The executive office of the president is to make decisions as to what we should do. Congress makes the laws that enforce it and congress makes the laws that fund it.