When welfare first started in 1935 by Roosevelt, America was hit hard by the depression and he believed that it was the only way out of the messed up economy during that time. For the past 73 years welfare has changed and the purpose of welfare has changed. In 1935 welfare was to assist in the economic hardships and to produce a growing economy. It took a few years but the economy began to grow, employment began to increase and for the first time in many years, people had hope.

Welfare peeked in 1993 with a grand total of 5,000,000 families on welfare. In the beginning, the number of non wed mothers on welfare was 2% of the population. Today that number is approximately 40%. Do we see a trend here? What is more important than these numbers is the fact that out of the 40% of unwed mothers, almost 65% of them have at least 2 children and out of those children, 31% have a criminal record.

What is the big deal? I guess to some unwed mothers are a norm, but not for me. The welfare system has become a big vote buyer during an election year. The more money available for welfare, the more votes they could buy. This has created a vicious circle and an obligated government. This created a government dedicated to supplying money and supplies to the “Less Fortunate” in America. While the welfare roles grew, so did the tax obligation to the hard working people of America. This created resentment towards anyone who lived the American Dream. The Government found out that not only would money buy votes but by creating a hatred for the “Rich” and attacking anyone who made profits, the welfare class would vote overwhelming for them.

America was based on principals that hard work and dedication to your family will get you anywhere you want to go. Today, hard work is scorned and the ones that achieve are now the ones persecuted. Religion was taken out of the government all together and replaced with a culture of we will take care of you. In today’s society, our politicians focus on the class they themselves created. They created this class of people to keep them in office even when they go against the mainstream. They use these people to gather power and to be able to use them to further their agenda.

In 2008, we see that we have the first black Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Our world has changed and I applaud everyone for some of those changes. But the largest change we have seen in the past 73 years is the change in responsibility. Americans have grown accustomed to failure while knowing that the government will keep them going. The necessity to make proper decisions is no longer there. The dependence to the government is overwhelming at best. If we continue this road, we will be owned by our government and our freedoms will vanish. It was personal responsibility that was the framework of our society and now failure is acceptable as well. When and where will it end? Remember, the laws today only benefit the people it does not apply to.