In the book of Revelations it tells of how the world will end. Some of the details that are given describe a very complex social and economic structure. A structure that is beyond the comprehension of the people of that time; it describes Armageddon in which is a war that, at the time of the Bible, they could not possibly understand. The Bible gives a detailed description of a nuclear explosion that burns flesh from the body before killing you.

It also gives detailed descriptions of how life will be during the Tribulation. That time describes facts that did not exist back then. If the Bible is only metaphors and myth, how did the information come to be in the Bible? How did they know about a nuclear explosion and what it will do? The answer to some is that it does not; yet if you read the Bible, the answers and descriptions are there.

The Bible describes how the Christians will be tormented and that Christianity will be crushed. It describes how the Anti-Christ comes to power and that only Atheism will be accepted. That sounds like the Bible could be coming to reality and that the steps to Armageddon are coming to pass. I hear more and more people that “Hate” Christians and more and more people moving away from Christianity and moving towards an Atheistic view. The move from God in our society is creating social unrest and pure chaos in our world.

You might not believe that the Bible is accurate and may believe that it is nothing more than myth; but you should also understand that it was written for a world totally unlike what we have now. Does that make it myth? No, what that makes it is something we must interpret instead of take for face value. We must know how they thought back 2,000 years ago and go from there. Unlike our Supreme Court; that interprets our Constitution in today’s terms, we cannot interpret something by today’s understanding.

In the Quran, the definitions are made in today’s terms. Our Constitution is defined in today’s terms. We cannot accurately define something using advanced understanding.

You must forgive me for saying this, but if you do not believe that the Bible is accurate, you have no understanding of the Bible at all.

The world is facing threats that we have never faced before, yet those threats are described in the Bible and we must see this for what it is, Fulfillment. Do we understand every aspect of the Bible and what it means? Not by a long shot, but if you dismiss it you will never understand its true meaning.

Look at our society today verses that of just a few decades ago. Use the timeline of when the Atheist began their attack on Christianity and see the direction our society has taken.

The bad part is that it was in the Bible and we ignored it; we can continue to ignore it or not. It does not matter because Gods plan cannot be changed and what will happen has always happened.