Most people do not like illegal immigration yet they do little about it. Why is that? Well maybe it is because they feel that their concerns will not be listened to. Maybe they feel that our representatives in Washington really don’t care what we think. You are absolutely correct and it is not just one party it is all parties and all offices in Washington that have an agenda and you are not a part of that agenda.

Congress and the President have had 100 years to secure our boarders and they have not as of today. Why is that? I believe that our representatives in Washington want Mexico and Canada to have free access to America and her (our) tax dollars. Barack Obama wants to give the U.N. over $800 BILLION dollars of yours and my tax dollars for use by other countries. We let them do this? Yes and we just sit back and cry about it but we are not willing to stand up to Washington and tell them what we think.

The average American is more concerned with making sure that we do not “Offend” anyone, than we are making America great again. The average American is more concerned that we do not look like we have any bios at all. America was the land of the free and was the home of the brave. We are now the land of the “offended” and the home of the “Illegal Immigrant”. Our tax dollars fund Mexico, Africa, Europe, China, Iraq and many, many other countries. After we lend them our tax dollars, the Elite in Washington decide for us, that we should forgive their debt. Does China forgive our debt; does any other country forgive our debt to them? NO!

In 40 years we will have over a Billion people in America. Most will be immigrants and most of them will be illegal. They will continue to use our tax dollars to support them, they will continue to use our tax dollars to fund other nations, they will continue to send your tax dollars to Mexico to help fund their corrupt government and they in tern will keep sending their criminals and their poor to America.

There is only one way to prevent more laws like NAFTA and that is to get everyone out of Washington and put in someone who knows the consequences of working for Other Countries and not working for America. Will we do this? NO! Because Americans are too weak and Americans are too dumb to actually do anything about it. Our Congress is also having elections, how many of you knew that? Probably not many. If you have the guts and if you really want “Change”, then we must take everyone who is in Washington now and get rid of them, every single one. That includes the two Senators that are running for President and are a part of this problem.

Your children’s future depends on what you do in November and if you do not care for your children, then the American education system did what they in Washington wanted it to do. It is not up to your neighbor, it is not up to your friends, it is up to YOU to decide what will happen to your children and grandchildren. It is YOU who must make enough noise that Washington MUST listen. It is YOU that has put America where it is. Change it.

08.09.07 – Illegals; "We have a RIGHT to Work in America"