During the “Great Depression”, many people lost everything they owned. Most of the wealth left America and never returned. The Federal Government decided that a tax was needed to help fund WWII, they never repealed that tax and that tax was voluntary. Soon, Congress decided that it would be easier to tax someone if they never actually saw the money to begin with; so Congress decided that the tax would be taken out at the employer level so the money never actually makes it to the paycheck. They believed that if the people did not have to write the check, they would be less likely to argue about it.

That worked and until this day, you can ask someone how much tax they paid and they will tell you that “I did not pay any taxes, I got a refund”. Their logic was that on April 15th, they did not have to write a check and the government was sending them a refund, that they did not pay taxes. When in fact they paid an average of $1,800 in that year. But because they received a refund of $200 or $400, they thought that they did not pay anything. I hear this a lot and I have found that about 40% of the people I ask this to, they said the same thing.

Soon Congress decided that the lower end of the pay scale should not pay taxes, so they began creating tax breaks that gave most of their money (if not all plus some) back to them in a form of Welfare known as “The Earned Income Tax Credit”. This welfare actually gave the people who paid very little in taxes to begin with a large tax credit that was usually two or three time more than they paid in. An average taxpayer with two children earning $13,000 a year could expect to pay taxes of $1200. (These numbers are for example purposes only and are not exactly accurate.) After they filed their taxes they received $3,000 back in the form of a refund. That is a $1,800 welfare check anyway you look at it.

Soon Congress figured out that the more people who do not pay taxes the more people would vote for them. The tax burden shifted upwards to where it is today, the top 1% of the taxpayers pay 60% of the taxes. Who are the top 1% of taxpayers? It is the job producers and the investors who invest in new businesses and therefore new jobs. The Oil companies and the Wall Street traders and the people who work hard and the people who make other people money. So, what we are doing is to Praise the poor and congratulate them for underachieving while at the same time, punishing the people who make the economy run and pay your paychecks.

Today, we “Hate” the “Rich” and we “Hate” Profits. Why? Could it be that America has been taught to support equality for everyone and those who are “Rich” just are selfish? Could it be that America embraces failure and praises illiteracy? Could it be that the children of America have been made to believe that to achieve is only for the lucky and you have to be lucky and selfish to make money? Or is it something more?

I believe that back in the 60’s and 70’s, America turned to a new direction. Under the ruse of the need to help the poor, Congress began a steady regiment of taxes and increased spending. Why did they do this? Congress decided that to gain control over the people and to earn their votes, they would need a class of people who had no hope.

With a steady diet of “It is not your fault” and “you are just unfortunate”, Congress began to oppress a class of people who they believed could not help themselves. During this phase of the project, they learned that when you incorporate “Envy” of the “Rich”, you can gain popularity by raising taxes on them. The more a politician taxes big business, the better this special class of people liked it and the more votes they received. Soon, an economic upturn began with the conception of the Internet. Many individuals became “Rich” almost overnight. Congress saw this as an opportunity to take even more people off the tax roles in an effort to increase their votes.

Soon, 30% to 40% of the American people were not paying taxes. Congress was so happy that they could get all this money; they created special projects to increase their power and tell people that they have created new jobs. They did not tell you that these jobs are only in the government. They did not tell you how many private sector jobs were lost. Can you name this time period? I will give you a hint; scandal and impeachment was the result. Now we are here, today. America has the second highest tax rate on companies in the world, second only to Japan.

America has lost Hundreds of Thousands of jobs, manufacturing has moved away. Why did this happen? Congress in it’s zeal to buy votes and create a subclass of people so they would have to depend solely on the Federal Government for everything they need. They realized that they could do this to all the American people. The end result is a drive to a Socialist society. They realize that once all the companies are driven away and the Government could take their place, the people would have no choice in the matter.

This is today, a land of high earners that are being attacked and the poor unfortunate’s that can do nothing for themselves. We are now a land of the offended, land of the sympathetic and the land of Congress. There is an election coming up this November and both the President and members of Congress are involved. Remember that Congress does not care if you are well off; they want you to be suffering so they can get re-elected and blame 100% of the problems on the President, when only 50% of it was the President and the other 50% was Congress.

We will go two different directions this election time, one will be towards Socialism and total Government control and Two, back to the way it was when the American people took pride in their jobs and where America uses every means to make life better for all.

Remember that the Democrats want Socialized Medicine and higher taxes that raise prices on everything; they want a healthcare system that has been proven not to work in every place it has ever been tried. They will not let you have lower fuel cost, that would interfere in their agenda. The Republicans want Vouchers for your child to go to what ever school is best. They want to reduce taxes and increase the incentives for investing in new jobs. The Democrats what to make the “Minimum Wage” a living wage and that spells “Inflation” because everything is tied to the Minimum wage and if it goes up, everything else does too.

Remember that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Don’t let your wallet get in the way of doing what is right for everyone. Don’t let the idea of free stuff persuade you into voting for the candidate that will give you something. Vote for the one that will lead us out of the slavery and bondage of High Taxes and Government control over every aspect of your life. Remember that in a Socialist government, you are kept down where you are and everyone else will join you. Welfare and the other social spending programs are in fact a form of Slavery and Oppression that puts you down and holds you there.